Friday, February 15, 2013

Daddy's LOVE-ly little girls

As I mentioned  in yesterday's post, I put Lee in charge of getting little  gifts for the  girls for Valentine's day....because  while I don't really get  in to celebrating this "holiday", I am old fashioned in that I  still think it's nice for guys to spoil their gals a little on Valentine's Day :-P

And the girls just loved their special gifts from Daddy!

They loved their pink  camo blankets  and slept with them last  night haha

Daddy had  their gifts all ready for them when we got home from my parents' house. Camo blankets, roses, candy (in the little hand can push a button to play rock/paper/scissors and they are filled with candy), and sixlets candy.

They liked having their  own roses (little teddy bears attached haha) and they kept smelling them (they are fake! ;-)

Brielle  was excited  about the candy hand toy!

Raya loved  her new blankie

Daddy also  got them  a new  pink bow and arrow to share! (The cheapy one he had  gotten them awhile  back  had  broken).

Just call her Cupid :-)

And I got flowers--soo  pretty! The ones Lee got me for  my birthday just died a couple days ago (they lasted a long time!) and now I have  new ones again.  I could get used to this :-)

And now in random news...

Today  Raya told me she  had to blow her nose.....apparently she has  1,000 noses that  needed blowing!

I'm going to have  to hide this dress set. It's a Hanna Andersson playdress and so comfy, which means Raya loves it. But  it was meant for Christmas....and then I said she could wear it through Valentine's day....and now today *after* Valentine's Day she begged to wear it again! I think it's going to disappear in the laundry this next time, because I can't take seeing the same outfit this much LOL

Speaking of seeing the same outfits---well, I have  a low tolerance for repeated outfits as you all can tell  I'm sure haha. I mean, a handful of times spread over a few months is fine, but then I  start to get bored! So when I found this  used Naartjie set for a good price (needs a button eye sewn on, but I figured I could handle that ;-) I decided to get it to spice up Raya winter wardrobe  mid year hehe.

She was rocking it today when it showed up in the mail!

Playing with pencils she got  for Valentine's day!

Grrrrr...this kid will not  smile  normally anymore!
And what  was  Miss Brielle wearing today? Something adorable of course!

These pencils were really  popular  this  morning haha

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! Maybe I'll  be motivated to actually  take some *good* pictures  and ya know, actually  edit them and stuff.  :-P


  1. Awe what a sweet daddy. We didn't do gifts for the girls this year, maybe next year.

  2. 1) Love the Lee was in charge of V Day. I don't really give two hoots about the holiday, but if you're going to do it, then let's be honest, it's about the men giving the ladies nice things.
    2) The V Day gifts the girls received are awesome. The bow and arrow is the coolest!
    3) Raya's 364 ft of tissue is hilarious. Must have been a seriously runny nose.

  3. so fun! Hudson got that exact (only black) bow and arrow for his birthday :) i think i have just as much fun as he does with it.

    also, love that you put the man in charge on Valentines day...that is adorable! he did a great job

  4. What a fun Valentines day! What a sweet daddy....I love watching my husband do things like that for our girls too :)

  5. Way to go LEE!!! He did a great job, you can tell he knows what his little girls like!!!!


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