Thursday, February 28, 2013

Did you know?

Did you know that  Brielle rubs/pinches/picks at her upper lip when  she's tired? Over and over again for about 30 minutes at a time until she falls asleep. It's  cute and weird all  at the same time haha

Did you know that Brielle says, "No, MY do it!" about 235,000 times a day now?

Did you know  that Brielle likes  to strip down to nothing and then run and find me saying "Look, I naked!"  in the morning? That's my cue to get her dressed for the day :-P

Did you know that  Brielle begs for my food like a little puppy dog, and then when I give in and give her a bite she says "mmmmmmm" in the cutest little voice, making it ten times  harder to resist the next  time she begs?

Did you know that when Brielle gets mad and pouts she repeats "hmpf! hmpf!" over  and over again, just to make sure  we continue to understand just how annoyed she is with us?

Did you know that Brielle now *insists* on sitting in the very back  of the van, in Harper's carseat, on days when I  don't  watch Harper and that seat is empty? Yeah, it's  soooo annoying haha.

Did you know that Brielle asks for  me to lay with her in bed every night until she falls asleep, but 95% of the time I  tell her "mommy has to go into the kitchen and clean up all  the yucky  poop and bugs, and *then* I will  come lay with you" , and she laughs and then falls asleep on her own while waiting for me to come back?  haha. I  said that one time as a joke and it worked, so now I say it every night! :-P

Did you know  that Brielle only likes  to watch Dora, and if Raya chooses one of the other  20 shows taped on our DVR she cries like it's the end of the world?

Did you know that Brielle  climbs on EVERYTHING? Window sills are her  current favorite place  to climb. She  also likes to climb up on the bathroom counter  and I'll  hear  her saying "I'm pretty" to herself in the mirror :-P

Did you know  that Brielle picks her nose and then screams "ewwww, booger!" over and  over  again until I come wipe her finger?

Did you know that Brielle refuses to  hold my hand  in parking lots anymore?

Did you know that I need to  wrap this  up, so I'll save all  of her  other quirks for another  day? :-)

Love you Miss  Brielle!


  1. Kyla rubs her lower lip when she's tired or nervous. When someone comes over and she's unsure of them, that's what she does. And she does the exact same thing begging for food. She will have the same exact thing on her plate, but apparently it tastes better from mine!

    I wish we lived closer. I think Kyla and Brielle would be quite the pair!

    I love her overalls!

  2. Marcus just whines when he's tired. I wish he'd pick something to pick at, that would be so much less annoying!
    I love that Brielle is grossed out by the boogers she went digging for. Hahahahaha!

  3. That is cute!! Emma has always rubbed her ear until she falls asleep. When she was just little she would rub our ear, then it changed to hers. Kids are so funny in the things they do and say =)

  4. Such a cute post! She is a stinkin' doll! Love her hair being pulled up! And, I love the excuse of having to go clean up poop and bugs! :)

  5. Too funny! & crazy about the lip thing, but at least you have a heads up that she is tired. :)


  6. My pretty pretty Brielle is just the sweetest baby ever!!!!!!
    love,Grama F


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