Saturday, February 2, 2013

Etsy shop GIVEAWAY! Enter now!!!!

Ok everyone, my Etsy shop is up and  running today!!!

Check out my Etsy shop HERE !!

And today I just  announced a GIVEAWAY on my shop's facebook page, found HERE

Go over and "like" my facebook  page and  learn how to enter. Essentially all you have to do is post a picture on my facebook page that represents "love" to you, in honor of Valentine's Day coming  up. It can be a picture of a person/place you love or just a picture that you think shows the emotion of love....anything goes!

THEN tell all  of your facebook friends to go over and like  or comment on your photo---easy as that!

There will be  TWO WINNERS. First, the person who's photo gets the most likes and  comments will win $25 to my Etsy shop! Second, one winner will be chosen randomly (so you all have an equal chance  of winning!) and that second winner  will get $20 to my shop.

Winners will be chosen next Saturday, the 9th, at 10pm central time. Get your photos posted !!

Thanks :-)


  1. Oh my gosh, everything is so cute! I need more babies in my life! lol

  2. I entered! :-) Your things are so cute, and I've got showers coming up!


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