Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feeling Springy!

We are  getting a big winter snowstorm right  now. Probably will be snowed  in tomorrow.

Luckily today my order from my fav store Naartjie arrived---I treated the girls (ahem, myself) to a couple new spring dresses...which means tonight  we had  to  do a quick fashion show right!

(Sorry people, no "real" blogging today...I'm dying from the world's worst cold, courtesy of my snot nosed kids this is all  I'm managing tonight!)

I LOVE this dress on Brielle. I'm mad at myself for Raya's because I should have  ordered one size bigger, and it's expensive to do returns for I'll just make do and eventually Brielle will  wear it I guess if Raya outgrows  it right away. I'm also not sure this dress style fits Raya's age/personality as well as Brielle's, but oh well. Raya  loves  to match sissy!

How stinkin' adorable  is she?!

We already had this Children's Place  headband---perfect  match!
And then for these  I did different dresses, same color scheme. I  ordered up a size  on Raya's dress thinking it ran small, and it's too long---hopefully she'll grow into it by summer. Once again, love  Brielle's!

The  top is all  lace---so  pretty---the picture doesn't  do this dress justice

And the fashion show is officially OVER haha


  1. Super cute!! We are all sick in our house too, I'm just hoping the baby doesn't get sick.

  2. super super cute!! Love the first ones best & that headband matches perfect!!

  3. Love the dresses! Seriously! And the head bands top them off! I just went on the other day and checked out the site for the first time. Not a good thing introducing me to such a thing! ;)

  4. Love these dresses!!!
    My favorite are the yellow ones! Too cute!!

  5. Those outfits are adorable! I love how "springy" they are.

  6. I love them! We live near an outlet store. I will have to give them another chance. I wasn't into it when Emma was smaller, but now maybe she can pull off the looks!

    Happy snow day!

  7. Oh I miss having little girls! Now I have teenagers, and their clothes aren't nearly as cute anymore! lol

  8. Adorable outfits!!!!!!!!!!!
    Grama F


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