Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, part of me wanted to do a cute Valentine's Day photoshoot----and the other part of me was like "screw it!"  ...and the screw it part  won out today lol. My arthritis is really acting up suddenly today so I'm somewhat miserable...and Brielle has continued to be a total PILL ---these last two weeks I've  been describing her as a ticking time bomb! Honestly, Raya was never this bad. Brielle's tantrums are so random and unpredictable---all the normal tactics do not work with her. Thinking I might start lending her out to the local high school as "birth control" for all the teens haha.

So with that I say, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

She was mad because Raya and I  breathed wrong or something---hard to keep track of everything that insults her nowadays ;-)

Raya had  picture day at preschool today---yes, on valentine's day--weird! Anyways, she insisted on wearing this giant flower and wouldn't  entertain the idea of something more subtle for  pictures. Oh well---at least  she'll be easy to spot in the class photo haha. (I only bought the class photo and one tiny pic of Raya because I always hate school pics anyways and we have plenty of pics  of Raya already as you all know! But watch, I'll get her picture back and it'll be like the best smile she's ever done or something :-P)

Giant  flower---she  said it was "fancy"
Here she was  this  morning practicing  her  smile for pictures.  (Thinking the one small  photo of her I bought will  be more than sufficient lol...this is quite the smile! ;-)

I put Lee  is charge of presents for the girls for Valentine's Day. One, because  I usually do all the shopping for other  holidays so I  thought it was his turn....but  two, because I think it sets a good example for the girls to look for a boy when they grow up who treats them special on Valentine's Day!

....Lee bought them pink  camo blankets and a pink  bow and arrow set LOL. Hey, I guess  Cupid does have a bow and arrow so it's sort of appropriate! :-P

Lastly, here  are some cute pics of the kids on Tuesday---enjoying Raya's Valentine suckers that  she shared  with them!

She can be so  stinkin' cute! Too bad she's so impossible haha

LOL...just noticed  that Sawyer really made  himself  comfortable for sucker eating! ;-)


  1. Oh, we've got meaningless tantrums all over the place over here. Yesterday, I was letting her go on and on and I finally went and picked her up and held her super tight and she stopped and just laid her head on my shoulder for like 20 minutes! It made me so sad - it's SO hard being 2!! :P

    And I'm cracking up at Sawyer's comfort level, ha!

    1. Oh my, Brielle has been doing that same thing--only instead of crashing on my shoulder she gets herself so worked up that eventually she asks to go to bed! And she just lays down and takes a nap :-0

  2. Hopefully the tantrums stop soon for you sake!! And I hope your arthritis doesn't get much worse. It's a horrible disease from what I have heard. I love Rayas outfit for her picture day! Too cute! =)

  3. That first picture of Brielle is so telling of how she feels.
    At least Raya's flower matches her outfit. It might have been a little "loud" if it totally clashed. She did a great job making sure her accessories were just right with her threads.
    Happy Heart Day!

  4. Love the new look!

    oh that face, I get that all the time lol, at least she still looks cute!

    I love Raya`s outfit!!

  5. My poor little Brielle!!!! She just has no idea why she even gets upset!!!! I love Rayas fancy flower for pics!!!!Sawyer never snaps his pants!!! He must not like anything tight on that skinnnnny tummy of his!!!
    Grama F


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