Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Inspire Me...or not

This  is what our playroom looked like by noon yesterday.

Granted, my niece and nephew were here since  it was a Tuesday, but let's be honest. My girls can easily do this  sort of destruction themselves too.

So  why am I  talking about this today? Well, if you read many blogs regularly, you understand what I mean about the "inspirational" blogs.  The ones that you love to read because they are so beautifully written and things seem so wonderful in their world... and even a picture of crusty dishes in the sink  will be so perfectly composed  that  you almost  want to frame it. They *try* to knock  themselves down occasionally,  pointing  out some weaknesses on their  part...but in general  I walk away  feeling half inspired  by them and half "I want to punch you in the face."  Not that I  really  would. ;-)

The problem is that yes, if I really really wanted to I could probably run this house like a Stepford wife. I could  have my to-do lists,  my schedules, get  everything done around  the house every single day...add two of three more kids because my well oiled  machine of a house could adapt.

But here is where I  get real for  a minute. Where I give  you a dose of anti-inspiration lol.  Am I the only one that  sometimes just doesn't *want* to?! I mean, days  like yesterday when every time I turned my back  to do a load of laundry the kids end up dumping yet another bag of toys on the floor, or  when I  tried to do a load of dishes  and  suddenly one of my children is half naked on the bathroom counter randomly brushing their  teeth with a puddle  of water on the floor. At those times I  sometimes just want  to sit on the couch and watch TV, let the house and  children implode around me, and deal  with the mess and clean up later....screw all  the schedules, Pinterest  activities, beautiful pictures, and inspirational bull crap :-P

So today,  as I  get ready to take the girls shopping for Etsy supplies and  groceries while we are  all  sick with colds I  will  try again---try to bring back  some rainbows and unicorns to our life and make it through the day with a smile on my face, a to-do list in my pocket, and a schedule---because I'm  a mom and moms are awesome!

But for those  other days when  everything seems to be going wrong and you just don't give a shit any more, please remember that  it's OK to grab a snack,  sit down with some trash  TV, ignore your kids  for awhile while they run around  like wild  animals, and thank  your lucky stars you don't have any  *more* children than the crazies you already  have....because we are  moms and  we are awesome (but still  get tired and anti-inpirational  from time to time ;-)


  1. I will second the hallelujah and add AMEN!

    I needed this today haha

  2. Haha.... I've been having this kind of week!! But TODAY, I'm going to GET THINGS DONE.

    ...if I feel like it.

  3. Love this!!! Sooo many times Emma trashes her room and although I don't want to pick it up, I do. But there are times that I grab a coffee and a snack sit down and watch tv. Yeah, at times I feel guilty when she is yelling to me from her bedroom asking me to come and see the picture she drew or something else, and I tell her later i'm having a "Mommy timeout" LOL =)

  4. I love this! I know exactly how you feel & I'll say that yesterday after nap time I was that mom that plopped down on the couch while my older girls played & fought & mad a huge mess of their rooms. I might've doing that's lot this week since daddy is out of town till next Wed.

  5. A-to the-MEN!
    There are about six loads of laundry that I'm just not feeling right now, and the only thing that is keeping my kid happy right now is a bottle. So be it. This momma just needs to sit for a minute.

  6. LOVE this! This is how I feel! And, I could probably top you on the disaster pictures. ;)

  7. hahahahaah I LOVE this!! & think everyone can relate. even the stepford wives :)



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