Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kids say the darndest things!

No pictures today---today  was the first day of the local "open gym" and Raya enjoyed playing up there with some of her  preschool friends who also showed up. I discovered she must be telling me the truth every day when she tells me she played with Edith at school, because Edith was there  today and Raya followed her around like a puppy and was in seventh heaven! lol. After we left I asked her why she d idn't play with the other kids from preschool and she said, "because I played with Edith and I just love her"   awwwww :-)

Then we went to eat in town before my doctor's appointment and the girls started playing with another little  girl at the playland thing. It was soooo funny. They were pretending Brielle was their baby and Brielle acted like a limp ragdoll and just  played along! She let Raya and the other little  girl carry her around and when they went down the slide Brielle woudl sit on the other little girls lap, facing her, and lay her head on her shoulder and go down the slide together lol. And the other little girl would carry her "home" and then hold her in the cradle position and rock her like a baby and put her to bed!  was so funny how Brielle was really into it and loved this  little girl she had never met before :-P

Then Raya and the little girl decided they  were going to eachother's  houses and Raya was not happy when I told her not today haha. So then she told  the little girl "i can come to your house on Saturday."   Ummmmm......

And here is what  I  posted on facebook this morning...Miss  Raya was at it again!

***Seriously? This morning at breakfast this is what Raya tells me. "Mama, I want to eat at a restaurant for lunch today. But not for supper because we don't have enough money. If we need more money for lunch then you better go sew something!" she's sending me to work in my sweatshop?! ****

Raya runs a tight  ship around  here  :-P

Lastly, here is what  I posted yesterday on facebook---Raya and Sawyer are so hilarious together on Tuesdays!

***Raya: "When are we going to go home Mr. Sawyer?"
Sawyer: (in an evil voice) "We are never, ever, ever going to go home."
Raya: "Why Mr. Sawyer?
Sawyer: "Becaaaauuuussssseeee"
Raya: (In a still cheerful voice) "Ok then Mr. Sawyer, I guess I will just go home then!"

....I have no idea what "game" they are playing, but this dialogue is cracking me up! For what it's worth, Raya is wearing a wedding dress and carrying a baby. Sawyer has a princess wallet.

Now Sawyer is talking on the phone in a foreign language. It sounds like Chinese to me, but then I heard him tell Raya "I am speaking in German....did you know that 'owlet' is German for owl?" LOL*****

Hope everyone's having a great Wednesday---promise to  have some actual  pics tomorrow ;-)


  1. Ok were you at Chick Fil A for lunch?? I was in the drive thru and looked in the window and thought that you were sitting there, but I have not seen enough pictures of you to know if it was really you or not! I hope that is not totally creepy, haha!

    1. LOL...yes!!!!! So funny! Hopefully I wasn't doing anything embarassing ;-)

  2. Haha I love it, they do say the funniest things!

  3. Oh my word; I just posted tonight on a couple things the girls have said lately. Well, I started the post early this morning and then quick finished it tonight because I am ready for bed and didn't want to think anymore. ;)

    I can't believe you don't have any pictures on your post! I miss them!


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