Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pro Ballerina!

Perhaps one of my favorite things about having girls are the girlie extracurriculars lol. Now certainly boys can do ballet---Raya actually has one in her class. However there is no comparison to a little girl in a pink leotard! Fingers crossed that the girls continue to love the girlie activities ;-)

So far  Raya continues to love dance class. I'm  so excited for Brielle  to be old  enough to join in---once  she turns 3!!! I'm thinking about maybe even signing Raya up for tap class  next year, because I believe  that at age 4 they  have a beginner  tap class (although I much prefer hip hop or something....I just don't think she's old enough for those classes for a few more  years, at this dance studio anyways).

Anyways, on last Friday we had our second  parent observation day of the year. The kids have  actually improved since  then,  I was  surprised! This  class is simply an intro type class so it's not meant to  really teach hardcore ballet, but they  have learned 1st and 2nd position (I think that's right? haha) and they are doing some balance beam stuff, etc. to work  on balance and coordination. It was a fun class to watch!

Here  are pictures  of my prima ballerina....enjoy!

Running around with another  little ballerina before  class  started....check  out Raya's expression hahaha

Poor  Brielle, she wants to join in so bad!

They let her run around a little before class  started  too :-P

A very hyper ballerina!

Warm up stretches

Look at Raya take this so seriously!!! LOL  She's such a goodie 2 shoes :-P

The perfect skip!

One of the "positions"

The other "position"

Click on this to enlarge it if you must---you have got to see Raya's "cheese" face! She saw me taking a picture  and she stopped what she was doing to pose!!! hahaha...Get back to class Miss Raya ;-)

Balance  beam! The teacher has her arm there just in case for students....Raya  was one of only 2 students  who never had to grab on!

The highlight for Brielle was the paper cone  cups she got to drink water out of while waiting :-P

Check  out that amazing leap off the balance beam! haha

Then they were supposed to hop down the line or something and then "leap" over the line. Raya's leaps were hilarious

Her second leap!

The  best part of the whole thing though was  the end...they are supposed to get a sticker and then "curtsey" ....well  the  little girls in front of her did a proper  little  curtsey and then Raya goes up there and honestly people, she SQUATTED like she was either about to deliver a baby or go to the bathroom LOL. The teacher laughed and acted like she always does that!

So in summary, Raya is a prima ballerina and has stellar balance beam technique and leaping abilities.....but I'm  signing her up for remedial curtsey classes  ;-)


  1. Adorable! I can't go in the class with Lidia, but there is a window on the door so I'm able to spy on her while she's dancing and I love it! Her class is actually a combined ballet/tap class! They only do tap for like 10 min at the end but she still gets a little tap in :) Maybe you could find a combined class?! I LOVE Raya's leotard!!

    1. Yeah, unfortunately this studio doesn't offer anything combined...I wish they did! But it's like 5 minutes from my house so that trumps finding a different studio lol.

      Thanks, it's from Target!

  2. Too cute!! I can't wait for this stuff!

  3. Too cute. It looks like she has a blast.

  4. I love little ballerinas. I cant wait to get Breanna into dance...I started when I was 3 for 13 years and I am hoping she will enjoy it too!

    Recitals are the BEST part of it!

  5. You are right, there is nothing much cuter than a little girl in a pink leotard!

    Love the squatting part! :)

  6. Sooo adorable! I love little pink leotards with the skirts =) Good job Raya!!!

  7. She is the cutest little ballerina I've ever seen. I love how serious she is.

  8. OMG!!!!! I have to go watch this in person!!!!!!! I can just see her squatting !!!!!!
    Grama F

  9. Hahah dying laughing at the curtsey analogy, she is sweet & I find nothing cuter than a class full of little girls all in pink!!

  10. I'm literally laughing out loud right now. Raya cracks me up!
    Poor Brielle. The pictures just show how badly she wants to do all that fun stuff too.

  11. Aww so cute! P took one class and loves it! I feel so bad cuz I have been so busy have not been able to take her back. #BadMom


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