Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Punk Rock Peanut

What's  a girl Mama to  do when she has new Etsy designs for boys, but  no little boy to model  them?

She calls upon her  little punk rock Peanut of course! Miss  Brielle pulled off this new chevron tie without a problem! :-)

I  also  used the  new chevron fabrics to make mustache  birthday  shirts---my biggest  seller! Love  the  chevron. If I had a little boy he'd definitely be rockin' some chevron :-)

If you are interested  in scoring some chevron for your own little  dude then check  out my Etsy shop No Paparazzi Please  :-)

And now I'll  leave you with some final  photos of Miss  Brielle  in her punk rock  look. She'll  be back  to pinks and ruffles tomorrow hehe.


This  kid  would look  cute in a paper bag :-)


  1. She pulls off the punk look very well =) haha She looks completely different with her hair pulled back like that, it's super CUTE!!!
    The mustache shirts are awesome!

    1. Thanks! Her hair is getting pretty crazy but it's not really long enough to do a real haircut we're trying pigtails more and more haha.

  2. I love these shirts! I must order one & I can post pics for your "boy model" although I do agree miss brielle made it adorable in her own way!!


  3. Love these shirts! You know I will be getting some. :)

    And, I agree, she looks totally different with piggies in. Love it!

    1. Yes, LB would be quite the stud in chevron I think :-)

  4. Cute shirt. I love chevron. Were did you find the fabric, I've had the hardest time finding chevron fabric

  5. That Brielle would make an adorable little boy!!!!!
    Grama F


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