Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Random Facts

Haven't done this in awhile and I think I have some newer readers, so here  is a list of random facts about me and my family :-)

1) I have a very tiny window of happiness when it comes to weather. I enjoy sunny (but not too sunny) and breezy (but not mess up your hair  breezy) with temps in the low to mid 70s and no humidity. 60s are much too cold, and upper 70s and above are much too hot.

Related note, I often faint/pass out if I get overheated. I've passed out in line for a roller coaster, on a bike ride, etc. Fun stuff.

2) I love to organize but hate to clean. If I get in a "cleaning" mood you will most certainly find me organizing my sock drawer while piles of laundry and dust gather around me haha.

3) When I was little I LOVED mashed potatoes. I would cry if I thought someone else in the family was taking too many and I wouldn't get seconds haha. I still love them to this day. My girls on the other hand both hate them. (Hey, more for me! :-)

4) Lee and I met on yahoo personals. After about 2 days of talking non stop on the phone we met for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Then I went to his apartment to watch a movie---yes, a strange man's apartment after just meeting. I still  can't believe I wasn't worried about being murdered, since I"m such a chicken in general. However, anyone who meets Lee will I'm sure back me up that one meeting with him and you can tell he's not on America's Most Wanted list. (And if Raya and Brielle ever meet a strange man and go to his apartment I will be furious lol)

5) I got a varsity letter in High School for golf. I can't golf worth a hoot. Oh the joys of going to a *really* small school!

6) Raya will freak out if I don't dress her after her bath. She acts like she's 1 and has no idea to put on clothes. However if I even attempt to help her dress herself in the mornings she turns into a spaz case and tells me she isn't a baby and she can do it herself!

7) Brielle has been throwing tantrums in the bathroom all week. She randomly gets mads, stomps to the bathroom and shuts the door, cries by the toilet, and then when she realizes she can't open the door to get back out again she calls for me to come get her. Makes me laugh every time!

8) My "real job" is a School Psychologist. I was a psych and English double major in college and then went to grad school to becaome a School Psych. After working a year or so I realized that I didn't care for the job much, but it pays well and I get my summers off, so I will likely go back to that job in a year when Raya starts Kindergarten.

9) Lee is the worst speller on the face of the Earth. Sometimes he needs to translate his grocery lists for me!

10) I used to think I wanted 4  kids. Lee only wanted 2. We compromised on 3 (he agreed to it if I changed most the poopy diapers for all the kids haha). After Brielle turned 1 I changed my mind for a multitude of reasons. Now that Brielle is over 2 years old I am certain I am done. My baby fever has gone from oohing and ahhing over babies in public to not even thinking they are cute. (And now I'm really mad I changed all those poopy diapers in retrospect! But how was I to know we'd get perfection after only two ;-)

11) I hate to cook. I would rather eat a ham sandwich every day on a paper plate than cook a  meal and have to clean it up, etc. Too bad the rest of my family doesn't feel the same way!

12) Our family is on it's 6th box of Girl Scout cookies...all of you who are eating healthy should be ashamed of yourselves! I'm over here getting fat for a good cause :-P

13) Raya loves to match Brielle. Sometimes I think people assume I dress them alike for my own pleasure, and although I do enjoy it Raya is really upset whenever she can't match Brielle! And she prefers to match *exactly* so from now on I need to try getting a few more matching outfits, and not just coordinating. The queen has spoken!

14) I've been to Germany and England, but have no desire to ever travel overseas again.

15) I don't enjoy swimming or any water sports. However I will force myself to go to the pool many times a week this summer because my love of swimsuits for the girls outweighs my hatred of water lol

16) I love to read but always have a hard time getting into new books. Any suggestions for really good reads out right now? I'm in need of a new download for my Nook.

17) I have always thought I'd like to do foster care. I know Lee is definitely not cut out for it though so we never will.

18) I've had rheumatoid arhthritis since I was about 16. I was on a common medicine for acne but had a very rare allergic reaction causing every joint in my body to swell. It's uncertain if that triggered a predisposition I had for arthritis or not, but shortly after I developed it.

Then in college I had a very rare (less than 1%) side effect from one of my arthritis meds and got cancer in my salivary gland. Luckily it hadn't spread so they just removed it and I haven't had trouble since.

I am pretty much convinced I will die from being struck by lightening or some equally rare situation haha.

19) My favorite baby name has always been Camden. I wanted it for a boy but also like Camdyn for a girl. I fell in love with this name in high school, as well as a long list of back up names I adored. (What, don't all high school girls name their hypothetical babies?)

Rayana and Brielle's names were not on my list at all, and instead randomly decided upon during my pregnancies. Go figure!

20) And lastly, I am weird and don't like wedding pictures hanging in my house lol. I have one small 5x7 wedding photo displayed, but in general I think it's strange to stare at pictures of myself on my wedding day, especially when it's been 5 years ago now. (And I actually love all my wedding pictures! Just in an album, tucked away ;-)


  1. I love this! I really laughed at some of these =) And we don't have our girl scout cookies yet! What the heck! Although, Brian is the one that ordered them from a guy he works withs daughter....so maybe he is secretely keeping them at work and not bringing them home...hmmm. Definately have to ask him about this!
    And your last point about wedding photos. We don't have a single one anywhere in our house hanging up either. I have an album of them and i'm perfectly fine with them staying in the album! haha I'm not sure why either! =)

    1. LOL---glad I'm not the only one! It seems like nowadays brides spend so much money on wedding pics and all the ideas go crazy on Pinterest, that I'm assuming people must just hang up photo shrines all over the place haha.

  2. 1) Agreed.
    2) Me too.
    3) Me too!
    6) Taryn does that!
    9) Jonathon is the 2nd worst.
    11) Me too!!
    13) Ditto! My girls love to match!
    16) I have the same problem... here are my favorites:
    - Harry Potter series (I was a total skeptic because I don't do fantasy, but I just read them last year and LOVED them! Jump on the bandwagon if you haven't already.)
    - The Help
    - Tina Fey's "Bossypants"
    - Janet Evanovich "One for the Money" series. (Easy reads!)

    1. Oh, I've definitely read all the Harry Potter series! hehe

      Haven't read the others though---I will look those up--thanks!

  3. I just finished reading "Gone Girl," and I loved it. Couldn't put it down. A he said, she said that should captivate you pretty quickly.

  4. I still have our 11x15 wedding photo up!!!! We were married in 1980!!!!!!!!! Dad will still walks by it and says "Look at that pretty girl" Guess he does not think I'm so pretty anymore!!!!!
    Grama F


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