Saturday, February 9, 2013

Raya's first 3D movie!

On Friday my brother  took  Raya  and Sawyer to  the movies! Raya loves this--he's done it once before since he has Fridays off of work.

Anyways, the only kid movie playing at the place they wanted to go was a 3D movie. My brother had  taken Sawyer to one before, but said it didn't go well  because Sawyer wouldn't leave his glasses on etc. So before going to this movie my brother drilled  Raya and Sawyer on the fact that it was a rule they *had* to leave the glasses on! They both agreed.

Before the movie they  went to  Burger King and enjoyed fast food, and played on the playground. Then the movie, complete with popcorn and candy. (Let's just say Uncle John days are not health food days! lol).

The verdict?

My  brother said Raya  did GREAT! He said the glasses were too big for her so she just held them on her face with one hand the entire  time, and ate popcorn with the other  hand haha. She  told me she had fun and she told me all about the movie (wreck it ralph).

And while Sawyer and Raya were at the movies what did the little ones do?

Well, they partied at Aunt  Shawna's house of course!

Please excuse the bed head from naps, poor picture quality (they wouldn't  sit still  and my camera settings were off!), and the fact that their  outfits clashed horribly so we had to do black and white  haha.

Cousin love

And  since all  the  pictures f rom Friday  that  I've posted have been black  and white, here are some of the girls modeling their  cute clothes ;-)

No  more pictures  Mama!
That's about  all  i have to update  for today! Today we actually took  the girls on a drive to a nearby Amish/Mennonite community (not sure  exactly which) that is a tourist destination....we did some wine tasting and some shopping in the little shops, and ate German food :-) The girls were actually pretty decent, even though going into various wine shops with them is sorta like taking bulls into the china shop! haha

And then tonight I did some more Etsy shop orders. Don't forget to check  out my shop "No Paparazzi  Please" on facebook and you still have 2 hours tonight to enter my giveaway! I've been open less than a week and already have gotten like 15+ orders, so I've been surprised that  things picked right  back  up even after being closed for so long!

And all but like 5 of those orders have been for my mustache birthday shirts lol...people just love those things!

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  1. wreck it ralph is such a cute movie !!

    also, I'm glad to see those mustache shirts are still a popular seller ;)

    1. Oh I know---I had no idea when I made yours as my first one that I would soon be making them daily! lol

  2. I'm glad Sawyer and Raya had fun!!!! John is a great dad and uncle!!!!!!Looks like the little girls had fun too, they play soooo nice together these days!!!!
    Grama F

  3. The movie sounds like a blast! I think I was 20 before I saw my first 3D movie!


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