Saturday, February 16, 2013

Raya's first "kill"

Lee  is quite proud of Raya's natural bow hunting abilities. She got her bow on Thursday night and on Friday while he was at work she picked it up multiple times  to shoot it and practice. By the time he got home Friday night she was able to show him her skills! Look at that form---what a pro :-)

And then today  Lee  set up some Target practice ---Brielle even joined in!

Daddy hunts  in camo, but fashionistas hunt in hot  pink  with matching accessories ;-)

The poor  unsuspecting targets :-P

And  here  Raya is  with her first kill! (at  first when Lee wanted  her to  pose with it she *hugged* it haha...Lee had to explain that we don't hug dead deer---we dangle them ;-)

Guess I will soon have to start  shopping for some adorable  hunting outfits---if Daddy is going to steal Miss  Raya as his  hunting partner I  need to at least make sure she's not pulled to the dark side with all  kinds of camo clothing!!!! :-P

And here is a video of her in action tonight


  1. So cute. Since kaylees watched the movie Brave she wants to be like Merida and shoot a bow n arrow. So while in AZ Jason's mom got her a bow n arrow and she showed us her skills the other day, kaylees actually pretty good too.

  2. This is just a riot!! I watched the video this morning on facebook and laughed. I showed it to Emma too and she thought it was funny! Good job Raya!!! I love the picture of her "Dangling" Bambi! haha! =)

  3. The dangling Bambi was hilarious!
    Way to go Raya!!


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