Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring's HOT color --- Trendy Tot Tuesday!

Today I'm linking up again with Table For Three and Mrs. In Training for Trendy Tot Tuesday! (And  yes, it's still  technically Monday my time, but I guess the "benefit" of me staying up super late sewing Etsy orders is that I get a head  start on my post hehe. And guess  what?!?! I won the giveaway last week for the Target gift card--waahoo!! Perhaps I will  need to buy my tots something trendy with it ;-)


In thinking about the clothes I've been stashing away for spring/summer I realized that I'm drawn to one particular  color this year. I'm officially declaring it the hottest color this spring/summer!


I  know a lot of people think yellow is hard to pull off. But if ever there was a time to pull off the hard-to-pull-off colors it's now---when you are 3.5 years and 2 years old :-P  I think the girls look adorable in yellow and it's such a happy sunny color!

Here are the girls modeling some of my favorite yellow outfits we have! The "modeling" took  place on various different days so excuse the craziness :-) I cannot wait until the weather warms up because  I'm so sick of our winter clothes!

Here is a NEXT outfit--not sure what line it's from because  I bought it used...I think it's 1-2 years old. Love the vintage feel. One of my favorites for Brielle!

How adorable is the  back?!

Like  I said  for last week's Trendy Tot Tuesday I LOVE Gap, but I almost  always buy used. I bought t his dress used for Raya...a maxi dress---she looks so grown up!

(Please excuse the stained  red face from her popsicle :-)

I got this swimsuit for  about $2 at Target last year when they  clearanced them out. Back  when my yellow obsession was just beginning to surface ;-)

This  was  the same red popsicle face  day :-P

And now check out the outfit I picked up at Carters recently for Brielle---I die of cuteness...this whale is adorable!

It's  a little big now...bought it with plenty of room to grow since summer is still months away :-P The  whale is appliqued---not screenprinted. It's super cute! There is also a pink/gray bird version and a pink/green frog version of this outfit. Available in baby girl and kid girl sizes! 
I hate paying more than like $5-8 for Carters since  it has hardly  any resale value, but it was on sale and I had a coupon so I went for it. The cuteness clearly shows I  made the right call ;-)

Raya has a Hanna Andersson playdress in a similiar  color scheme too. This is the same brand as that red and white playdress I had to hide this winter haha...she thinks they are so comfy

It's hard  to  see the  matching shorts in this  picture, but they  are yellow!
Then we also have this 3/4 sleeve tunic from Carters this spring---it's a heavy (almost sweatshirt like) material so it's perfect for our cool spring weather. And yellow and blue/aqua of course---my favorite! hehe

And our last Carters items are  these yellow and gray shirts (the yellow bottoms are Old Navy---I need  to get Raya a darker yellow pant, but  we just happened to have these on hand for the fashion show :-)

I love yellow and gray!

I can usually get them  to model one  outfit pretty well...attempting multiple outfits at once turns into a nightmare haha

You can  see  I got a 3T shirt.  Brielle  is a 24 month now  and  I've been buying 2T for summer...but both this shirt and the whale shirt ran small  so I got 3T. Just a heads up if you decide to order too! :-)

Then lastly, here are the coordinating  dresses from my favorite brand Naartjie! My daily readers  have  already seen these---but once again, loving the yellow!

And once  again, they are currently a little  too big. Hoping the girls  grow! :-)
So what is YOUR favorite color for this spring/summer? Anyone else  loving yellow or do you predict a different "hot" color?! :-)


  1. Cute cute cute. I can't wait for spring/summer

  2. Yellow is such a happy color, and it looks great on your girls!

  3. I love that yellow and blue combo. I just bought a striped his in those colors at Old Navy today! YOur girls are the perfect little models.

  4. Stopping by from the tot link up...loving all the yellow!! I am definitely going to have to find some yellow outfits for my little guy this spring/summer!

  5. Yellow is my favorite warm and happy. I love how they posed for the pictures! They are so cute and the outfits are adorable!

  6. I love love love yellow on kids! It's a happy color! Love all their clothes =)

  7. I just love how Brielle poses with her hands on her hips!!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  8. Yellow and navy are two of my favorite colors together! The girls are totally set for Spring and I cannot get over how perfectly they "model" with their hands on their hips! What sass! Too too cute! So glad I stopped by from the link up!!

  9. your girls are too.cute! I'm in love with the first dress brielle had on, and then gray &yellow out fits. those skinny yellow Jeans are prefect.

  10. Love all the clothes of course, but that first dress is just too much!!

    I am totally loving yellow this year, too!! I picked off a ton of yellow stuff at Old Navy, including those pop color pants and some adorable gladiator sandals (which she of course, hates). I also utilized an awesome Carter's coupon and everything I picked up there was yellow, too! It's funny, we've had a few 70+ days but I've been trying to push the Spring wear even when we don't get them - lots of hoodies over our cute outfits, ha!

  11. The outfits area all so cute!! Yellow is just so refreshing.
    The aquas and bright blues are some of my favs, but all that yellow is really starting to grow on me. :)

  12. I'm in love with yellow, it looks so good on my little girl. I'm also digging mint and coral this summer, we just went to Old Navy last week and they had the CUTEST colored skinnies for baby girls. Obsessed. They are adorable! Found you thru the link up. :o)

  13. Yay for winning the gift card!

    I just posted mine and said I needed to get the yellow bubble dress, haha. I love all of your yellow stuff. I am especially loving the grey and yellow Carter's stuff. My mom got Kyla some yellow jeggings from Walmart for $4.88. Now I just need a cute tunic to go with! Love the whale outfit too!

  14. Love the yellow! Gets me super excited for summer!

  15. Stopping by from the link up. I love all of there outfits! I am a huge fan of yellow it's so fun and bright!

  16. I LOVE yellow! Those are all so cute, That is my FAVORITE bathing suit from Target

  17. Ohh so many cute cute clothes!! I'm loving all the yellow & definitely digging cobalt blue & grey these days, summer anything in bright colors :) & that bathing suit is so sweet!! I think the yellow & grey combo outfits are my favorite though!


  18. New follower! I love your girls names, and they are both beautiful :)

    Thanks for linking up with us last week, I hope you join us again tomorrow!

  19. Yellow is my FAVORITE...on me and my daughter! Her entire newborn closet was all yellow, and its more colorful now, but that is still my go-to favorite!


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