Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Bipolar year

I've decided that this isn't  Brielle's "terrible twos"'s the "bipolar year."

No, seriously.

This  morning my child threw a tantrum for a good 30 minutes--we're talking blood  curdling screams, heavy breatheing, throwing herself into the  floor, trying to take off her clothes, hysterical tantrum.

What set her off you may  ask?

Well, I had the nerve to tell her "no, you can't  wear your Dora shoes today".

(oh, and did I mention that  we don't even *own* Dora shoes, and Brielle is well aware of that fact?! LOL)

Two year  olds.


  1. It's like a light switch, the day they turn two! They must have some sort of PSA that comes through on Disney Jr. or something and tells them to behave irrationally!

    ps - I am obsessing over the nautical line at Gymboree! I just caved and bought a bunch of it with the baby sale, but I still feel like I could have waited a little longer to get better deals. Glad you are liking it, too!!

    1. true!

      Oh man, I used as much self restraint as I could lol..."only" got the swimsuit, hat, and this kite outfit. But yes, I could have gotten much more! I will be back if it ever gets a lot cheaper :-P

  2. haha! I hate to admit but sometimes both my girls throw fits like that! I'm just always glad its at home and not out somewhere... Brielle's shirt is cute

  3. yea. thats a daily thing at our house. oyyyy!

  4. HA! How *dare* you say no to non-existent Dora shoes. The NERVE! :)

  5. All I can say is she is lucky she is sooooo darn cute!!!!!
    Grama F


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