Monday, February 18, 2013

The fashion Gods have spoken

So yesterday  my  blogger  friend Amy told me that  she  knew I didn't  usually do "link ups" in the blog  world, but she had  discovered one that  was right up my alley and I should check it out. Apparently a blogger over  at Table for Three is starting a new weekly link up calle "Trendy Tot Tuesday," where on Tuesday you blog something about kid fashion (any age, boy  or girl, anything you want) and then link it  up with other  blogs so you can all  bask in the glow of adorable kid fashions around the country :-)

Um, yes please! That certainly does sound right up my  alley, considering I pretty much say *something* about kids fashion daily over here! lol. The fashion Gods have spoken ....they  want more from Miss Raya and Brielle!

So stayed tuned, because  starting tomorrow we plan to participate in this fun link up party!

....and today the girls freshened up their modeling, ya know, in preparation ;-)

She looks  like she  just came from a rose ceremony lol :-P

I've  come to accept that Raya expresses herself through her  socks haha.  She refuses to wear matching ones---the more mismatched the better  in her book! :-P

So if you want to  participate in Trendy Tot Tuesdays just follow the link above to check  out "Table for  Three" and read  more about it :-)

In other  news, yesterday there was a KILLER  PANDA on the loose, in case you didn't hear it  on the news!

They advised that everyone should stay in their  homes, for safety purposes of course, but unfortunately the panda found it's way *into* our house---we were terrified!!

Good thing the killer panda turned out to be an adorable  piggy tailed little girl :-)

And Miss Raya was also in a hoodie mood yesterday---unfortunatey her cuteness was paired with a snot nose, as we seem  to have some sort  of  nasty cold that  has  also found it's way into  our house!

But killer  pandas and killer  viruses didn't  keep Daddy and the girls from playing a "killer" round of the elephant game!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I saw that link up & totally thought of you too.

  2. OMG!!!!! The pics of Brielle are just tooo cute!!!!!! That elephant game has been a hit for along time, I remember playing that with Raya when she was really little!!!
    Grama, F

  3. You definitely would be the perfect blog for that link-up! I think we will probably avoid participating in that one since I let the girls dress themselves! ;)

    1. You should participate and have the girls describe their choices hehe...I bet it would be hilarious to hear Miss W describe her fashion picks! :-)

  4. that link up sounds way fun!! :) also...I'm with brielle i never ever ever match my socks. my husband always comments on it, but i love it. been that way forever.

    1. Hudson should do the link up! He's got the best little man style :-)

  5. Perfect Perfect link up for you!!! I'm anxious to read all about it =)

    And I LOVE Brielle's outfit she has on in the first picture! Too cute!


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