Sunday, February 24, 2013

Time For Tots

First off, thanks to everyone for the comments on Brielle's vlog post---that was fun! I'll try to take more videos from time to time :-)

Secondly, I don't believe any of you who said you weren't jealous of my snow in the last blog post :-P You're secretly wishing you had wet soggy shoes and something to shovel, don't lie!

Tonight though I want to share a really cool shop with you all---one that I shared waaaaay back when Raya was little, but I ordered another kit recently and it reminded me of how cool the shop is so I want to share again!

The shop is called Time for can find them on fb and Etsy, but their biggest selection of kits is on there website here Time for Tots

Basically they make little learning kits for kids! I got Raya her first kit when she was around 20 months old or so. They make kits designed for toddlers (level 1) and recently started offering level 2 kits for older kids!

The thing about these kits is that they aren't rocket science, but I will glady pay the money for them if it means I don't have to spend 3 hours of my own time thinking of activities, printing/cutting/laminating, and then buying various supplies etc. Seriously, at first the kits might seem a little expensive (I think they range from $15-25 each), but when you think about what your time is worth it's really not much at all!

The kit I most recently ordered was for Raya and it was a name kit---basically fun practice spelling/writing her name! She can spell her name outloud, but I could tell she didn't fully understand what she was spelling, and she still needed help writing her name completely on her own, so I thought this would be a fun kit for her. She loves it!

I had seen this name kit on Etsy about 6 months ago and kept thinking "oh, I can make something like that some time!" forward 6 months and I still hadn't  made anything lol. Like I said, these kits are great for us moms who have limited time in the day and want to spend that time actually *using* the activities rather than cutting/pasting/preparing the activities :-P

Here is a better look at some of the stuff in this name kit

The kits come with EVERYTHING you need---even markers, etc. This kit has a fun "roll your name" game, flower pots where you "plant" seeds that have the letters of your name on them and then "grow" flowers that also have the letters of your name on them...there are tracing activities, lots of manipulatives for learning the letters of your name, etc. Everything comes in a case with instructions for each activity too!

Sounds super fun right?! Well, if your child is too young to learn her name, or already knows his name, no fear because there are tons of other kits!!! There is also a "kit  of the month" club where  you can save money by buying a 3 month subscription, and you'll get an exclusive kit automatically sent to you each month! (I'm very tempted to do this :-)

Here  is one example of an  early toddler learning kit (for like Brielle's age) Toddler Busy Box

Here is an example of a kit a little more advanced Beginning letter sounds

They offer a holiday themed kit for each holiday too! Easter peeps learning kit

They have kits geared towards  boys or girls...and for older kids too! Here is an older boy themed kit Superhero level 2

They  also sell sensory tubs! Great for the really  little ones especially :-) I spy colors sensory tub

There are TONS MORE too---check out the website!!! I got Raya one to go in her Easter basket  one other can see my blog post from back then about it here

***I  no, I didn't receive any free items or money for plugging this cool store---but hey, if they happen to read this and want to send me something I'm totally open to it! ;-) ***


  1. Looks so cool. I may have to post this for some grandparents to get!!!

    1. It would be a great idea for grandparents! :-)

  2. that is brilliant! I'm with you..i always say I'm gonna make something...but then i never do. and if you add the cost of supplies and time your basically getting a really sweet deal!

    1. I know, that's what I figure too. I know that in the past when I've tried to make little things like this it always take waaaay longer than I expect haha.

  3. I checked this out the other day when you posted about it on Facebook. But then I forgot about it. I definitely want to order something for Kyla. Might have to put it in her Easter basket. She LOVES this kind of stuff.

    1. Yeah, I did it for Raya in her Easter basket that first time I bought something...she loved it! It's not like they really need candy at this age.

  4. Very cool! I'm going to have to check it out =)

  5. such a cute idea! I'm gonna have to scope these out!


  6. This sounds AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing! Saving time is well worth the extra money spent, so I will definitely be checking this out!

  7. The girls will have alot of fun with this!!!!!!!!Also dad loved Brielles video!!!!Cutest thing ever!!!!!
    Grama F

  8. I know what website I'll be checking out during naptime!


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