Friday, February 1, 2013

What a bummer.... have to spend my Friday with three such *unattractive* children!

Mr.  Finnegan is WALKING now at 10 months  old, so that's been fun--keeping me on my toes! He's funny and  makes this "oh! oh ! oh!" squeal when he's excited, so Raya  has enjoyed trying to entertain him so that she's rewarded with his squeal of delight haha. And since they are  all napping/doing quiet time right now I even have time to blog! Gotta lug them all to dance class in awhile though, in the bitterly cold weather, so I"m not looking forward to that though haha.

Here are some more random pics of our morning...

Raya is not happy that Finn is so self sufficient now, holding his  own bottle and walking etc...she doesn't  have anything left to do for him! lol

....and to make it clear, Finn is required to take his boy cooties home with him tonight! He's very cute, but girls still rule in this house ;-)   ....I  should have dressed him up in a tutu today! lol

To end, a couple pics  of my fashionistas----I swear they are deliberately picking horrible footwear to drive me crazy haha

Yes, Brielle's  dress it too big---really meant  for next year, but  I love the blue on her so much I had her wear it today anyways lol. I'm becoming obsessed with these Hanna Andersson playdresses (Raya has that red and white one you may remember being worn a lot around Christmas--I  have to hide it soon because she keeps picking it every time it's clean!). Both girls just LOVE them ...they are so comfy and wash well. I think they are still overpriced new, but I've been finding mine used and they are just as wonderful :-) Unfortunately you can't really see the coordinating leggings with those  stupid snow boots though haha.

Hope everyone has  a great weekend!! Any fun activities planned?


  1. Those first three pics are so so cute!

  2. I LOVE Hanna Anderson clothes =) When Brian and I were married (yes I was one of those people who had my child before marriage...hehe) Emma wore the most beautiful white cotton dress from Hanna Anderson. I paid almost $100 for the thing, but it was soooo worth it and she was absolutely adorable in it =)

  3. He's gotten so big! He's still cute as ever though! Love those girls' eyes!

    Have a good weekend :)

  4. Brielle cracks me up - those little hands to her face. I can only imagine what she is thinking.
    I can't believe your 10 month old nephew is walking! Marcus is 10 months and cruising, but not walking. I'm not ready for all that just yet!

    1. I know, he's a wild man!! He's not actually my nephew though---he's my nephew's cousin (so my brother and sister-in-law's nephew from their other side of the family). Confusing! :-)


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