Sunday, February 10, 2013

Will you be my Valentine?

Today Miss Raya worked on her valentine's for her preschool class. I took her to the store last week and she picked out glittery Dora valentines and a couple different kinds of candy, so we can make little treat bags.

She needs to make like 12 valentines, so she wrote her name on half of them today!

At this point let me tell you a few "quirks" that Raya has. When it comes to writing her name I haven't really done a whole lot with her. She can *spell* her name, but writing in general has been a little tough because she doesn't hold the pencil correctly no matter how many times I correct her lol. I have read that writing your name is a skill that happens usually between 3.5 years and 6 years of age, so clearly she's on the young end and I hadn't thought much of it.

That said, when I would try to show her how to write her name she'd give me this blank "I'm not quite all there" stare LOL. This stare happens other times too, and it's soooo annoying. For instance, if you ask her to name kids in her class she will stare at you and say "uhhhhhhhhh" ...she's been in preschool for months now and can maybe pull out 3 names if you press it.

However this child's memory at other times is amazing! We were at a store the other day and she saw a bench that had "tufts" in it, and she sat down and said "look mommy, I'm sitting on my tuffet!" With 100% certainty I have *never* used the word tuffet she must have remembered it from a tv show or something. Another example of her memory is if we are driving through town she'll say things like "see over there, that building with the green roof? Grandma took us there once and we played in the tunnels" ....and this was referring to the Playstation, when she had at the time only been once in her life and that had been months earlier---and she remembered the building in a large city when we drove by randomly.

But then you ask her how old she is? She'll say "ummmmm....5?  7? 4?" kid, you are 3 for the hundredth time! haha.

So anyways, back to writing. I had kind of dropped the subject because  I  decided she was  just playing me on this whole blank stare acting stupid thing :-P Well last week I mentioned it to my mom and next thing I know I go to pick up Raya Thursday evening and she's writing R's and A's. At which point I'm like "ok, obviously you can do it so stop jerking me around" ;-)  So then I taught her the Y and suddenly we can write RAYA (and yes, I know I should probably be teaching lowercase but at this point we're sticking with caps because she can recognize all her caps)

Which brings us to writing her name on valentines....what better practice! She's only just revealed to me that the blank stare was a ploy, so with only about 2 days of writing under her belt I am pretty happy with her progress. :-P

I thought I better still "translate" her name above so that the other parents could for sure tell who it was from lol. As you can see, I have notoriously horrible handwriting (as does Lee) so she's probably just screwed when it comes to penmanship in general ;-)

But still, good job Raya!

And now randomm pics of Brielle from today---oh my, she's been  a stinker today!

She thought she was so hilarious pulling up her shirt when she knew I was trying to take a picture!

The little mother hen, Miss Raya, was trying to pick her up and bring her over for a picture haha

And this random pic from the other day that I forgot to post---Have a great Monday everyone!!!!!


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  2. Good job Raya!! Just this year for Emma in 1st grade they are really focusing on using lower case and capital letters at the correct time. She's doing pretty good at it so far, but I do notice that she tends to capitalize a lot! The other day Emma asked me to write something and at the end I put a period. Emma looked at me and said, "Mommy it's suppose to have an exclamation mark at the end" LOL Totally made me laugh! =)

    The last picture of Brielle is sooooo adorable! You really have grown with your photography, and her eyes are stunning! When you edit in lightroom how do you "edit" the eyes? I've tried editing eyes before and they always come out super creepy looking! HA! =)

    1. Oh good, because after I finally got her to do her name I thought about the lowercase letter thing but knew that now wouldn't be the time to switch it up on her when she just now learned the other way lol.

      In lightroom I use the "iris enhance" tool to make their eyes pop more (it adds the "gloss" look). For Raya with brown eyes sometimes I lighten the shadows so that her eyes don't show up black, and instead show their natural brown more. No idea if this is the proper way to do it, but it works for me lol

  3. Good job raya. Kaylee can write her name, proud mom moment

    1. Yay! Yeah, it had just not really crossed my mind to show her until recently. Strangely enough I've never been one to suggest she write her name on anything lol.

  4. She really writes her name well for 3! That's great! We need to get our Valentines done today too.

    1. I thought it was pretty decent for two days of practice anyways hehe :-) She doesn't have great control over her pen/pencil/crayon yet. Do you know if there is something better for learning pencil grip? I remember things like triangle crayons and such when I was little but not sure if they still use those or not.

  5. Great job Raya!!!!!!I have some valentine gifts that might help with her grip , we'll see thursday!!!!!
    Grama F


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