Monday, February 4, 2013

You don't care for free things, huh? :-)

Ok  ya'll...I'm LOVING  the giveaway I'm doing this week for my Etsy shop . The entries so far are ADORABLE.

What I'm *not* loving? The fact that only a teeny tiny percentage of you have entered! Even if you think my stuff  is horrid (ouch!) it's  completely and utterly FREE if you win---no excuses. And everyone knows at least one baby or child they could give a free shirt/onesie too! Or hoard it until  you have  kids of your own :-) So go over to my Facebook page  (If this link doesn't  work for some reason, just  search for "no paparazzi please" and you'll find me :-)  and post a picture  that represents "love" to you.  EASY! Then for an even  better  chance of winning have your  fb friends comment or like the photo. (This helps me spread word about my shop---help a self employed mama out  here!)

Wanna see all the adorable entries so far? Go to my Facebook page and make sure you change the dropdown menu (found near the top of  the page) from "highlights" to instead "posts by others" ....then you can  see the sweet pictures posted so far!

And check out my newest design---if you win this  is one of the items you could choose if you wanted!

The name and stitching can be done in your favorite team's  colors! I  could even put a team name instead of your child's  name.

So let's recap shall  we? If you DON'T humor me and enter this  giveaway I  will possibly hunt you down....or at the very least you'll make Brielle very very sad :-(

Raya, on the other hand, could  care less if you enter---she says she has enough Top Model skills to wear all the clothes  of the world and she'll  keep all  your free giveaway money for  herself :-)

Work it  girl! :-)

So in summary, go to my Facebook page (linked above in this post) and  simply post a picture to my page. Viola! Suddenly you have a chance of winning up to $25 free in my shop---that will cover most of my items *and* shipping in most cases--- FREE FREE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


  1. UGH! I've been trying all morning to get a pic on your FB page, and I CAN'T! I don't know what the deal is. But, I'll keep trying. And, if at the end of the day you have 100 pictures from me... Whoops :)

    1. Weird! I had one other person post that they couldn't get one to upload either. Bummer! The giveaway doesn't end until the end of the week so you have time :-)

  2. I intend to enter!! haha =) I'm at work tonight so I will do it tomorrow =)


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