Wednesday, March 6, 2013

And baby makes five....

***ATTENTION!  Before  the rumors  start to swirl let me just clarify that  none of these cute little legs belong to me or my family! lol   Rest assured that Raya and Brielle are limited edition....this baby making shop is closed :-)

However, my friend (my sister-in-law's sister to be exact) is  expecting baby  #3 and she asked me if I'd take a picture for them and make an announcement---how fun!

The idea for the announcement was theirs, but I did the photo, editing, and created the announcement. Can't wait until the weather warms up again so that I can do some more photography!

So what do you think---cute  right? (Her husband came up with the little saying hehe...worked great with  all their cowboy boots)

Here was another photo I had taken...we had a couple different options to choose from

I had done a vintage edit on this one :-)
Maybe some girl cooties from our house will rub off on them now---I think a little pair  of pink boots would fit right in! We'll see soon enough.....


  1. Very cute idea! Congrats to your friend!!

  2. So cute! I can't wait to see all of your fun photography this summer :)

  3. I love that saying! What a fun project for you! You did great! :)

  4. Super cute!!! Love the cowboy boots =)

  5. Ha! I totally thought you had a big announcement.
    Love the pics, and the rodeo phrase is awesome.

  6. So cute! Though I will say that I gasped when I first saw the title of your post! :)


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