Monday, March 11, 2013

Because I'm THAT awesome

I've been given the Liebster Award from The Danielsons  and Walkin' on Sunshine.  I've also  received before in the past, and this  time I received it twice in like  one day! Because yes, I'm simply that awesome and popular and you all love me :-)

The Liebster Award is a blogger to blogger, peer award, used to highlight up and coming, smaller, lesser known blogs that have less than 200 followers. Liebster is an award that you accept with an intention of paying it forward.

So, here are the guidelines for the award:

1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you.
3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
4. Choose 11 new blogs you love and link them in your post.

Ok, so first here  are 11 random things about myself:

1) I can't drive at night. If it's dark, even if it's only 7pm, I literally cannot  stay awake  while driving for more than about  20 minutes. On long car trips it's impossible for me to  switch off with Lee and drive at night!
2) I hate  baths. A hot tub/jetted tub I do like to  sit in, but the idea of taking a regular bath and actually  *washing* myself is completely gross to me lol.  Why would I want to sit in my own  dirty water? lol
3) I  got my first sewing machine when Brielle was about 4 months old. I had never used one before that really. Crazy how quickly I became a sewing freak with my Etsy shop! :-P
4) If it didn't  make me sick, I would eat a bowl of cereal for every meal, every day.
5) I  remember  getting in trouble  two  times in school (I was a goodie goodie! haha). In third  grade I  sang the Pledge really fast and loud one  morning to be funny, and got sent to the hall. And in middle school I  was in a gifted  program where we often played  Oregon Trail on the  computer...and one day during the part where  you go hunting I shouted  out "I shot you, you bastard!" at the computer screen lol. No idea what posessed me to do that--but  apparently the animal didn't die  when I shot it!
6) I played the piano and flute in school
7) I  once (accidentally) ran over a dog and killed  it on Easter day...I  had my permit and was driving with  my family. My brother bawled in the back  of the car I remember
8) I love to  eat at Panera.
9) I hate cherries, even though I have no memory of actually eating one.
10) I loved dolls growing up, but didn't really care for Barbies.
11) I can't  sing.

Ok, and now the questions---rather than answer all 22 questions from the two who nominated me I'm going  to pick and choose  a few to answer--nap time is almost over and I'm working with limited time here people! ;-)

1. how did you and your spouse meet? On Yahoo personals. Yes, I know...kinda  weird and creepy. But  nowadays meeting online is  so common! And it worked out obviously so I  can't complain ;-)

2. how many children do you currently have? Two little rugrats daughters :-)

3. do you wish you had more or less children? I definitely  don't wish I had less. I don't t hink only  children are weird or anything, but  for me personally I definitely didn't feel our family was complete with only one.  And I like the idea of my girls having eachother when I'm gone.
As far as wanting more, as my  regular readers know I originally  wanted 3 kids, but last year decided I was good with 2. I do like  the idea of a large family when I think about holidays and family get togethers--the  more the  merrier right?! But when I think about the  day to day of actually raising more kids I know  that  I"m good with 2. They joke that  you keep having kids until you get it right, and we were  lucky to get it "right" with just  2! :-) Plus, you know you are done when your birth control gives you a little scare and you think it's  possible  you might be pregnant--if you start to freak out about how awful that would be  then you are probably  done haha....just sayin' :-P
4. what is your dream house & where would it be located?  I'm happy with where we are now.  A "dream" house would  be a little  bigger (not much, don't wanna clean it! haha) and would be more  custom. Maybe a pond  in the backyard. I'm pretty easy  to please.
5. what is the most memorable song in your life & why? ( song) To be honest there are so many songs that aren't really memorable  for  any good r eason, but always "take me back" when  I hear them. Like Boyz to Men "End  of the Road"....I always think about middle  school dances and how they always played that song at the very end LOL. Or in high school that song "Blue" ( it went something like "I'm blue ah ba de ah ba da, ab ba de....")...I swear that song played on my drive home from every basketball game when I played in pep band!
6. How long have you been blogging and why did you start? I started in college because a lot of my friends/roommates were doing  it. Back then  no one read my blog other than about 3  people and  I mostly blogged about my classes and part  time  jobs.
7. Favorite Pattern? Currently chevron!
8. What is your favorite blog post you have ever done and why? I  have a bunch that I  like, all for different reasons! I always like birth stories....
******And now nap time is over!!! That's all you are getting today ;-)  Stay tuned tomorrow for Trendy Tot Tuesday!!! No idea what  I'm posting about for that yet, but I'll come up with something haha.


  1. My husband and I met through the AOL personals. People then thought it was creepy, too (it was 1999). But now, it seems like it was the perfect place to meet the man of my dreams! :-)

    1. Yes, I actually know a handful of people married to guys they met "online" does happen! :-)

  2. Oh my goodness, how hilarious that you just shouted that out while in school! Haha!

    I played the piano and flute as well. :)

    How sad about that dog! Aww... :(

    Those were very interesting facts though! :)

    And, I didn't realize that you wrote since back in college... I have never looked, but are those posts still all on here? I bet it is funny to go back and read through those. :)

    1. Oh, and maybe I am behind on this, but I just noticed your new header/pictures. Love it!

    2. Thanks! If you click the link to "Raya's birth story" that takes you to my journal that I did for her---it was a different blog back then. And then I had a different blog even before that for college up until I had Raya----pretty much all those posts are set as private---too embarassing ;-)

  3. Oregon Trail, I LOVED that game! HA!
    We're still debating on the number of kids we want. We keep flip-flopping from 2 to 3. Guess we'll find out after baby #2 (whenever that may be) if we're done. :)

  4. I also played the piano and played flute!

  5. I just want to let you know that I literally laughed out loud about you yelling at the computer while playing Oregon trail. Knowing you and thinking about you doing that at school when you where younger just makes me laugh. I fell like its very much out of your character to do that in a public place such as school. You must have really wanted that animal dead! Do you remember who the teacher was at the time?

    1. Mrs. Tinkham! lol She was like "Shawna! What did you say?!" haha.

  6. Oh I used to love Oregon trail!!! Brings back lots of memories!! haha

  7. The Oregon Trail one made me laugh too! I'm pretty sure you and I would be good friends if we met in person....birth stories are my favourite too :) I think I have one for each of my girls on my blog, but I may have missed blogging about Addison' was 8 years ago, I had just started blogging and wasn't sure if anyone would want to read that at the time! LOL

  8. You are so darn quirky!!!! not sure where that came from!!!!
    love,Grama F

  9. I'm the same way with driving at night! Great post, loved it! :o)


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