Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bedtime saga, Part 2

First  off, thanks to everyone for the  ideas on my post yesterday for Miss Brielle!

We decided to start with the timeout idea---thinking that  she'd perhaps rather go  to bed than sit  in timeout (where as before we let her lounge downstairs with all  her special pillows, etc....she was living the good life ;-)

Here is the update I added to my post last night, for those who missed it:

"ETA: Ok, people, so tonight I tried the whole time out idea. She started pulling her stunts, I gave her the choice of timeout or going to bed, she chose timeout. I had to keep putting her back in timeout (using my mean mommy voice!) and she periodically would cry that she had decided to go to bed. I'd of course put her to bed then and she'd scream and turn on the light, making Raya scream, etc.

And sooooooo, after 15 minutes of playing that little game I put her to bed, stood outside her door, waited for the sound of her little sneaky hand turning on the light switch, flung open the door immediately like a mad woman and gave her hand a little slap. Yeah, turn me in to DHS lol. She was horrified and then immediately went to bed. Mama-1, Brielle -0 :-P"

I  haven't put her  to bed tonight  yet, so  we'll see how that goes! The next idea on our list to try is  putting Brielle to bed first, before Raya.

So anyways, thanks again---and it's good  to know that other  people are dealing with similiar things!!!

I had a super busy day today---spent the day at the Children's Museum with my mom and Sawyer and Harper---so I've just gotten home and have a bunch of sewing to do for I'm keeping tonight short and sweet


I thought you'd all enjoy some pics of the monster in question----it's a good thing she's so damn cute! ;-)

Not  sure why  she has such a Divalicious attitude!  ....says the mom who dresses her up in a tutu for a Children's Museum ;-)

Like mother, like daughter!

....and  one of the footwear ;-)


  1. She is just soooo darn cute, it's hard to get mad at her!!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  2. Aww... she is so cute!

    I laughed at the thought of you outside the door and opening it as soon as you heard her. I have *so* been there {and will probably be again}!


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