Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blast from the past

So Lee and the girls are gone this weekend, but one of our dogs (*Lee's* dog!) is being ridiculous this morning and woke me up earlier than the girls do when they are here :-/ So anyways, I decided to make the most of my early morning by sneaking in a little blogging--lucky you! hehe

Last night I stumbled across an old photo album from high school. Too funny looking back on those pics. Which made me think that maybe I should blog some old pics for your entertainment :-)  I don't have much of anything on my computer from before graduate school (and honestly, my high school and college days were not my most attractive LOL...I was a chunkster :-P  But  here are some photos that I did dig up---enjoy!

Here is baby Shawna....awwww

and baby Lee....

And now we take a BIG jump, because I  don't  have any pics on this computer until lee and I met...

Here was my "profile pic" on the dating site when we met online haha...and Lee's profile  pic


Oh man, I love this pic---I think I was at my absolute thinnest ever ;-) Ahhh, those were the days!

Here are more random pics from when we were dating :-)


Check  out  my fine, soft, non curly hair! I still can't believe it went super curly after I had Brielle :-o
We bought our dogs, and bought our house actually, before we were married :-P Here I am with little Griffin!
In case you think that I only like dressing the girls up, here is little  Griffin in one of his many outfits! haha. Before I had kids I did daily photoshoots with Griffin---and he had an extensive wardrobe :-) Sadly once  I had  kids I let Lee take over Griffin raising duties for the  most part--he still a super sweet dog but I just couldn't keep up with dressing and photoshoots for THREE "kids"!

Lee got his dog Gunner a few months after I got Griffin

This picture always makes me laugh!

Engagement pics!

Wedding pics

Wedding reception LOL

Honeymoon pics! We spent a week roadtripping out West

Watching Old Faithful at Yellowstone

More random pics....
Cardinals baseball game

Look at his baby face! ;-)


Family pic, before kids :-P

I actually don't remember when this  pic  was taken---I'm assuming before kids though if we could  party on New Years lol

We always sent out Christmas cards even before kids lol....this was one year

And then before we had  kids we had  our psuedo baby, nephew Sawyer! He was the first baby born in our family and since you all  see Sawyer in many of my Tuesday posts I thought you'd like to see some of his adorable baby pics ;-)

Sawyer and Daddy

My brother and sister-in-law
And then Miss Raya was born, and the daily blogging and pics began!

So now you are all up to speed on my life before blogging ;-) Talk about a blast from the past!!!


  1. What a cute post! Love all the pictures, and you and Lee make such a cute couple =)

  2. A weekend to yourself, how nice! I love that you have your profile pics from when you met!

  3. Enjoy your weekend to yourself!!!
    Cute pictures. How long have you and lee been together?

    1. We had our 5 year anniversary in October and we dated for 2 years before that :-)

  4. These were fun to see! I can't believe you really did have stick straight hair and it changed just like that after Brielle! Crazy!

    Love your wedding dress, and the reception picture! :)

    What in the world does Lee have on his head in that one pic.??

    1. I don't remember! Some toy one of my little cousins had brought to a family gathering haha.

  5. So fun!! :) seeing the pics of you and lee as kids makes me think raya looks alot like you, and brielle is all lee.

    1. Funny! Because Raya looks exactly like Lee's mom's pictures when she was young and Brielle has my blue eyes....BUT I do think that Raya has started to look more and more like me lately, and I definitely see Brielle in Lee's baby pic! :-)

  6. Love seeing all the old pics!!!! The girls are a mix the older they get!!!! They got the best from both mom and dad!!!!!!
    Love,Grama F

  7. LOVED this post! You and Lee are too cute. Who knew you had chubby cheeks like Ryan?! BTW - you still are super skinny so no worries :). I'm impressed that you have your profile pics. I wish I remember ours. I might have to do some research. Ha!

    1. haha, oh yes, I had quite the cheeks! :-)


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