Thursday, March 7, 2013

Changing the lock

Tuesday was the day from hell!  ....let me  explain...

So on Monday  night/ Tuesday we got another  snowstorm. Tuesday preschool was cancelled and we were snowed in (i.e. the girls were driving me crazy!) So shortly before  lunch I decided that  we could go out and build a snowman (even though I hate playing outside in the cold lol).

I  spent a good 15 minutes bundling us all up and getting us  outside. After about 20 minutes outside I had  about reached my max lol...and we had a very sad looking  snowman to show for our efforts

At this point Raya is begging for all sorts of  Frosty accessories---particularly a carrot for Frosty's nose. So finally  I  say "ok,  stay right here, I'll run inside quick to get one and then  we're going inside for lunch"

I go to walk in the house and....

THE DOOR IS LOCKED! We are freaking locked outside. I  spend the next 15 minutes  checking all  of our doors and windows---it's a fortress, we ain't getting in! People, even my cell phone was locked  inside.

By this time Raya is *screaming* at me "I WANT A CARROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  God  help me.

Before we go any further in this story let me explain who's fault this all  is---LEE'S! You see, we've  *always* left the door from our garage into our kitchen unlocked. There is no reason to lock it because we just use the garage door opener to get in the garage and then can go right inside, but  no one else can get in. However recently Lee has suddenly been locking this door from time to time, and I kept telling him to stop, because I had no way of knowing when he locked it and  I knew I'd get locked  out.

Well I guess on Tuesday morning he was feeling especially paranoid and he locked  it---without telling me :-o So I took the girls out that door to build the snowman and shut the door behind me like I always do!

So back  to the this  point all I could do was walk next door and pray that our retired neighbors were home. I've met them all of like 3 times haha. So I knock  on the door and bless their hearts, they usher me and the girls right in, give the girls some cookies, let me use their phone, put on Barney and pull out some toys that they had for grandkids, and let us hang out at their house for about 45 minutes until Lee could get home from work. (I have never been so glad in my life that I put on clothes! I  was seconds away from just putting my coat on over my pjs because I didn't plan on staying outside  very long. This would have been even more embarassing haha)

Lee gets home and tries to break in a window...bent our screen all up but couldn't get in the window. So then he used some torch saw or something to literally cut the doornob off our door...

So  what did we learn? Well, Lee learned  that  it's a good thing to have your wife call you from the *neighbor's* in situations like this, because if there hadn't of been  witnesses around during this phonecall  I can guarantee I would have had some choice  words for him in this situation! :-P And two, we learned to hide a spare key! Although neither of us really want to deal with this situation ever again, so Lee bought this:

Keys be damned---we now  have a keypad! :-)

(Oh, and  I guess Lee  learned  a third thing too....he learned that when you aggravate your wife she may spend the following day shopping,  and  buying the adorable ruffle shorts from Children's Place that she's been eyeing. So I guess something good came from all of this :-)

My store had these  ruffle knit shorts  on sale for $6 after coupon---I got three pairs! It's possible  I bought the tank too---Lee deserved it ;-)

Aren't they  stinkin cute?! And  at only  $6 she can wear these to the park, etc. and I won't feel bad if they get dirty--most stylish "play clothes" ever ;-)  I think I will monogram her  a shirt to go with these.

On second thought, maybe it wasn't so bad getting locked out! :-)


  1. I would have been furious!!

    We have keypad locks as well, I love them. They also auto-lock behind you, so that little kiddos can't escape if someone accidentally forgets to lock the door. AND we can open them from our cell phones. My hubby may have installed this kind because his wife is the most forgetful person ever...I think if we ever went back to a key lock, I'd be in big trouble.

    And I am loving those shorts!!

    1. cool! I don't think ours opens with a cell phone, but it does autolock. How did I not know these existed until now?!

  2. Oh no!! What a morning! At least you got to get-to-know your neighbors a bit more, right?? I locked myself out of my old house several times. Thankfully, never in the winter in the middle of a snowstorm!!

    And the pajama comment made me laugh! That would have totally been me! Take off the snowpants to reveal me in pajamas and no bra! Haha!

    1. LOL, I know! Sadly I couldn't justify leaving my winter hat on in their house, so they did see my bed head :-P

  3. Those code door locks are awesome.
    I may have to go get those shorts for the girls. They are adorable

    1. You should! Unfortunately they don't fit Raya...Brielle is wearing a 3t in them...and they only go up to size 4t, so Raya's butt didn't stand a chance :-P

  4. O my, what a day! Thank goodness for your sweet neighbors!

  5. Must go find those shorts!

    Glad you got in the house. I'm scared that is going to happen to me, I really need to look into getting a keypad lock for at least one door!

  6. oh no! tanner did this once while i was at work and Hudson was inside napping!!! i was a mess..luckily he was able to use a neighbors ladder and get in through a window. needless to say we made like 5 spare keys and his then and have one to our neighbor haha. wish i would have thought of the key code locks though. that's awesome!

  7. Oh Man!!! What a day you had, but the shopping definately makes up for it!! I have locked myself out of the house a couple of times, but luckily I think most everyone at the police department has a key to our house, so I was lucky in that area!! I love the outfits you got for Brielle!! Super cute!!!!

  8. Your Tuesday might just have mine beat! EEEEK!
    I love that you got some retail therapy (aka payback) in, too. Well played. :)

  9. Wow, that keypad is awesome! I want it, LOL! And that outfit is adorable.... so worth it! Hope your Friday is better! :o)

    I nominated you for a Liebster award! Check it out here:

  10. I can't even believe that story! You had me laughing! Oh my, I would have been a mess having to go sit at the neighbor's. With this shorter hair of mine, nobody wants to see my bed head!

    I love how this whole story is Lee's fault too, ha! :)

  11. Love the shorts!!!!! Poor Lee will never live that one down!!!
    Grama F

  12. That so sounds like something I would do! I had no idea they had locks with keypads like that, that's pretty cool! At our new apartment if we get locked out, it costs us $50 to get let back in!


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