Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cousin sleepover party!

My sister-in-law is on spring  break  out-of-state this week, so my brother is single  dad right  now. Since  I watch my neice and nephew on Tuesdays anyways I told him they could have a sleepover Monday night--fun times! We ate spaghetti, played, took a bath, had a popcorn and pop movie party (watching The Little  Mermaid), slept well, and then played all day today--whew! Aunt Shawna is exhausted now haha.

Today I took  these  pics of the cousins---I loved that we managed to have our kids in "doubles"--Brielle likes  to  tell me "Harper is *my* friend, Sawyer is Raya's  friend!"

I  walked in and found them sitting in bed together like  this LOL

And then last night I took a bunch of fun cousin bath pics---ya know, for future blackmail purposes :-P

Things started getting crazy! Needless to say we ended up with a lot of water on the floor :-P

They started spitting water "fountains" at eachother

That's  it! Going to finish up my sewing for the night and then go to bed---need to recover from all  the "fun" we've had the last couple days! lol :-)


  1. LOVE the bath pictures, especially the one where Raya & Sawyer are spitting water at each other. Sooo funny!! LOL =) Enjoy your evening!!!

  2. That first bathtub picture is frame worthy! What a good Auntie you are. :)

  3. oh my goodness love the bath pictures, there little heads peeking over the top is precious!! Aunt Shawna looks like a fun aunt!

  4. How sweet is that pic of Brielle and Harper. Love the bath pics!!

  5. What great pics!!!! I agree I am soooo glad the cousins are close in age , they have sooooo much fun together!!!!!!
    Grama F

  6. How cute! The one of them lined up in the tub is adorable!


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