Friday, March 1, 2013


Today was a milestone people---Brielle's first ever time at daycare!

For my newer readers who may not know, I continued to work as a school psychologist  when Raya was born. I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom but my husband said, probably rightly so, that we should  at least try the working mom thing, to see if maybe I actually did enjoy it....rather  than let pregnancy hormones take over and have me quit my job due to irrational fear :-P So after a really nice 18 week maternity leave ( I was lucky!) Raya  went to an inhome daycare.

Now daycare actually went fine for Miss Raya. Certainly there were things I would have done differently from the daycare provider, but that's just a mom thing I think ;-) However there were a multitude of reasons why I still wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, so just a couple weeks after Raya turned 1 year old was my last day of working outside  the home!

Which means Miss Brielle here has never been to daycare a day in her life. She's stayed with  family and  friends for periods, but  I don't consider  that  the same thing.

Now I enjoy staying home with the girls regardless  of their ages, but most of my "issues" with daycare in and of itself are related to those baby days. Certainly I don't think Raya was permanently traumatized by daycare during her  first year of life, and if I had no other option both girls would have survived with a working mom. But in general I don't see any benefit to daycare for the under age 1 crowd.

That said, I *do* see many social benefits to daycare for toddlers! Not  enough so that I'm rushing to go back to work  quite yet haha (I plan to stay home for one more year and go back to work when Raya starts kindergarten), but Miss Brielle is definitely a huge Mama's girl with a healthy does of "stranger danger". She's never stayed with any sort of daycare provider, and for awhile now I have thought it would be good for her!

So long story (kind of) short, the younger sister of a guy I graduated with does in home daycare and Sawyer, Harper, and Finn all go there occassionally so I felt comfortable with the provider. So today the  girls went to daycare from 8am until 1pm! I had tons of Etsy sewing to do and got a ton done :-)

The daycare  provider said the girls were excellent! She said Brielle had stopped crying before I even pulled out of the driveway (when I left Brielle told me "I have something to tell  you"...and when  I asked "what?" she told me "pick me up!" lol). I  guess Brielle had a couple periods in the morning where she'd ask for me but then got back to playing pretty quickly. And the daycare provider said Raya  did awesome and I guess when they got downstairs to the toys Raya asked, "so what are the rules  down here?" hahaha. She said Raya was a really good big sister and also played nicely with the other  little girl there.  When I picked the girls up they both said they  had fun! (Brielle did say "go to Mama's house now" though :-)

So  I may try to take the girls over there a couple times a month just for a change of scenery and to keep Brielle used to it, since she will have to go to some sort  of daycare once I go back to work.

I'm proud of my big  girl, trying new things!

And I'm proud of Raya for making me look like a good mom by being on her best behavior! :-)


  1. What a great day! Emma started at 2 and we both cried the whole day!

  2. Good job, Brielle! It's can be a bit scary when mama leaves for that first time. I think it is a great thing though! And, how nice that you will be able to do that a couple times a month to get some work done {& get a little mommy break}! :)

  3. I love being a full time mom, but I'm honestly looking forward to the day when I can go back to work. My little guy LOVES being around other people, and I know he gets bored with me when it's just the two of us.
    Great job to both girls for doing so well in a new environment!

  4. how exciting! We had a family birthday party a few weeks ago at a local church & they had a daycare for the kids to play and I was very hesitant to let Breanna in there but she did awesome. I think it was harder on me than her!

  5. As a daycare teacher, this makes me smile :) I always wonder what parents think, and honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about putting my kids in daycare! I agree with the socialization, but can totally see both sides of it! But, thankful for my job!

  6. With my oldest (now 17), she went to daycare at 6 weeks old because I had to go back to work. With my youngest (now 12), I was able to stay home with her for two years before going back to work. Both of them are growing up to amazingly smart and talented young women. I think kids are so resilient, and will bloom and grow in nearly any circumstance as long as they are loved and cared for. But oh baby, it's tough leaving them with someone else those first few times. :-(

  7. I can just hear Raya asking what the rules were!!!!!!! I don't know if I could have left Brielle after she said what she said!!!!!!It will be nice to have a back up if you need someone!!!
    Grama F

  8. What wonderful girls! A very proud aunt.

  9. So cute! Glad she handled it so well & I love their outfits!!


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