Friday, March 15, 2013

Finish it up Friday

Ok, so I have misc. odds  and ends to get posted so today is sort of a grab bag special hehe. Finish it up and I'll  be back with real posts again shortly! ;-)

First, last night we put Brielle to bed before Raya to see how that worked. She cried herself to sleep, but then woke up again when we put Raya to bed. Oy. Going to have to fine tune that tactic---hard to hold Raya off from her room for very long!

Second, we got a couple new dress up outfits, used, the other day. The girls continue to play with their dress up stuff daily so I didn't mind getting them a couple new things.


Flying away!
Hmmm, what  else? Well yesterday we went to the Children's Museum like I mentioned last night----only took my little camera so these pics are crappy, but ya'll get the idea! ;-)

One more pic for today :-) How cute are these cousins at the Children's Museum yesterday?!

And no, you aren't  imagining things--Harper is wearing Brielle's  dress lol. She wouldn't leave her  vest on so we came up with  that instead :-P

While my mom had the kids at the museum (attached to the mall) I was able to sneak away quick and hit Gymboree for a great sale they have going on right now too. Everything is 30% off (on top of already reduced prices) plus you can stack a coupon on top of that! Got some Giraffe stuff for Brielle for next year, to go with her giraffe boots that I already bought in a bigger size for next year. Got the giraffe tutu for only $5, a bunch of cute comfy knit sets for $3-$4 tops/bottoms, even got a couple holiday things for next year for under $3. Buy ahead if you can people, it's the best way to shop if you want divalicious closets! :-)

I did buy one thing for this  year though---this cute knit dress was on sale for about $6 and Raya lives in knit dresses---they only had this one size left so we just bought it for now

In other  news, the girls  got haircuts today :-P

Brielle's especially  was getting so scraggly, and  you know how much a I hat scraggly toddler hair lol

Raya's was getting pretty unstyled too---so  cut it we did!

(In case you've never read my previous post about cutting your kids' hair at home you should check  it out HERE ---continues to be one of my most read posts of all time! 

And  here was Raya's "after" today--- I always  love her in a choppy bob :-)

Now I couldn't  get a good pic of Brielle's--I kept  it long enough for pigtails and such---just  freshened up the baby mullet haha...and got the yucky ends cut off. I put a few layers in but her hair is really fine still

Here was Brielle  being goofy in her tent after the hair cut!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. that flapper dress looks so cute on Raya.
    I'm thinking of cutting Kaylee's hair into a short bob, I found a pic on pinterest that I love.

    1. Cute! Raya's hair length rides a very thin line---too short and it's not flattering on her really round face---but too long and it gets really unhealthy looking and flat. I've seen some super cute pixie cuts on pinterest on little girls though, that I'd do in a heartbeat if she had a different face shape!

  2. Dress up never gets old! Emma still loves playing dress up and walks around the house every single day in dress up heels =)
    The girls haircuts are adorable!! Emma has an appointment tomorrow morning to get hers cut...or trimmed. LOL We'll see how it goes =)

    1. Can't wait to hear what you decide to do with her hair!

  3. i really wished i liked gymboree boys clothes lol! for me it's totally hit and miss...i love their little girls clothes. it's adorable to see a little girl I a totally themed out fit (like the giraffe) but a boy decked out in a squirrel themed outfit just makes me cringe haha!

    1. Yeah, I would agree with you there hehe. Well, if I had a boy I probably would have done the cutesy themed outfits up to age 2 (if Lee would let me!) but once they hit that full fledged toddler stage I like little boys to look like little men :-)

  4. Is there something that you could bribe Brielle with? I know, I know, it's not the best solution. But is there something you could let Raya do since she went to bed like a big girl and Brielle can do it if she goes to bed good too? But that may turn into an every night thing like you saying you have to go clean up the bugs or whatever. I know it's not right, but I'm all about bribing sometimes :)

    1. Yeah, I worry that since Brielle is so manipulative that then I'd just be starting another bad habit....I can't think of anything to bribe her with that I'd want to keep doing nightly for the long term!

      On another note, I made Lee put them to bed tonight because I thought it was his turn to suffer. Little shit went to bed for him fine :-P

    2. OMG, that figures! Maybe you solved the problem - Daddy duty every night!

  5. That flapper dress is awesome!
    I hope your bedtime adventures get a little easier.
    On my way to read your home hair cut post now!

  6. The boys are going to share a room when we move in June and I am so worried about bedtime because B goes down an hour earlier than C! You'll have to give us some tips once your girls figure it out!

  7. Love those dress up clothes!!! Did you get them on line? Also love the girls haircuts!! You are so talented!!!!
    Grama F


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