Sunday, March 17, 2013

Finn's Birthday Party

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! We  don't really celebrate around here, but what we *did* celebrate was our friend Finn's 1st birthday on Saturday! (In case you are a newer reader, Finn is my brother's nephew on the other side  of the family---so Sawyer and Harper's cousin. I babysat him a couple times a week  last summer  and he still  visits from time to time.)

Anyways, his party was Saturday and hopefully his mom doesn't mind that I borrowed these pics from Facebook to share---I didn't bring my camera.

It  was a circus theme! I made his shirt :-)

Someone climbed under the table  to hold Finn in place lol

All  of Sawyer and Harper's cousins ;-)

Finn's  mom made all  kinds  of fun  circus  games and tons of prizes. Raya has  been quite thrilled with her Pez and Tinkerbelle socks :-P

Sawyer doing the ball  toss

Finn picking a duck! (Isn't his shirt  cute? The fabric matched the circus tent on his invitation)

This is the little  girl Raya  played with when she went to the babysitter for the first time a couple weeks ago. They are going back this Friday I think!

The girls' first time eating cotton candy.  I told them  it was like  eating hair ;-)

Brielle  was in heaven with all the food---popcorn, cotton candy, homemade corn dogs, homemade soft pretzels, cake pops and cupcakes....Finn's  mom is a great party planner!

And weather permitting, I'm taking  Finn's 1 year  pictures this weekend I think.

As a reminder, here were a couple  I  took for his 7 month photos

And here were a few from his 3 month pics I took---he's gotten so big! I wonder how  hard it'll be to get him to sit for pics this weekend? haha


  1. What a genius idea to hold Finn while hidden under the table. Genius and HILARIOUS!
    How fitting Raya won socks. HA!

  2. Wow!!!!! Someone went to alot of work for that party!!!!!The kids look like thy are having a blast!!!Finn is soooo cute!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. Cute party!!! =) Finn is just adorable! =)
    And as always Raya and Brielle look super stylish! =)

  4. Such a fun party! Can't wait to see how his pictures turn out this weekend!

  5. looks so fun!! :) i love circus theme birthdays

  6. What a cute party! And your family pictures turned out adorable!! :)

    xoxo Jamie


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