Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy girl!

Apparently I'm in the mood to do frequent posts  again haha...lucky you ;-)

Just had to share my happy smiley girl today!

Grandma, I ended up getting the girls these pink shoes  for spring, from Target. I guessed right on sizes! Size 6 and size 9.

(For everyone who isn't Grandma, I was looking for some shoes for spring because I realized the girls mainly wore boots all winter, or tennis shoes, and we had nothing for Easter outfits. I went with these rather than dressy shoes, so that they'd get more wear. We are just wearing casual shirt/skirt knit sets for Easter I think, with leggings, so these should look fine.)

And Miss Raya today, doing something strange :-P

Tomorrow is Trendy Tot Tuesday, check  back! No I have to come up with something to post  about though lol.


  1. The girls' poses crack me up. Very creative. :)

  2. I was looking at those same shoes for my girls too. Cute poctures

  3. looks like Raya is almost doing an arabesque! (:

  4. I love their bright, springy outfits! Lookin' cute as always! :)

  5. Oh man, I am TWO posts behind! I literally just bought Kyla the same exact pink shoes at Target the other day. I thought they'd go with so many things!

    1. haha...we both have good taste! :-) Yes, Brielle has been wanting to wear hers every day and they do match a ton in her closet. I love that style of shoe because they are comfy and easy to wear but you can still get away with wearing them with skirts and stuff.


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