Thursday, March 28, 2013


Sorry you guys, no "real" blog  post today! Unfortunately  my computer  is  jam packed more memory haha. I can't  even put *one* photo on it, it's that full.  So I'm going to have to move all the pictures onto my  external harddrive and then delete them off my laptop to  free up space.

Let's just say today I'm not motivated to do any such thing! ;-)

So all  I have to share with you are some pictures that I  already had on my computer but hadn't shared here yet. These are just  a couple quickies of the girls trying on the Naartjie outfits  I  bought with my Kids Kash (for those  who are unfamiliar it's similiar to Gymbucks---kinda "free money" you earn and then redeem on a future purchase).  So obviously  I had to redeem it! haha

This first  outfit  for Brielle isn't  the typical Naartjie "look"'s more  vintage feeling but I  saw it on another little  girl online and decided that my own blue eyed girl just had to have  it !! This outfit  is right up Grandma F's alley---she's already "called" it for a time that Brielle stays with her :-P

The leggings are attached  to the skirt---the  shirt  is separate

No  idea what's up with the weird face!

Look  at those blue eyes :-) The  perfect outfit for her!

And  then I also  got this outfit for Brielle. It's a size 3 and  I meant for it to be for  next year, but it actually doesn't  look  too bad right now so maybe I'll get it on her once or twice this year  too. I loooove it.

We still have  the stickers on it :-P

And  lastly, this outfit  is  too big---I bought it for next  summer since  we have  enough clothes for this year already. But I thought she could just try it on quick----apparently, according to her, her nose starting hurting "really  bad" lol. So dramatic!

The capris have really cute  details on the bottom ...bad picture, but obviously  it was a one take photo op ;-)
Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. I love that aqua outfit on Brielle!

  2. Haha! That last picture of Raya is hilarious!

  3. That outfit IS perfect for Brielle. I want to see more pics of Raya's outfit. It looks so cute!

  4. I though of you yesterday when I was shopping and bought Emma two outfits from there!

  5. Just love Brielle in that outfit!!!!!I too want to see more of that outfit on Raya, it's a new color for her and looks really good on her!!!!
    Grama F


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