Wednesday, March 13, 2013

She's good, real good

Ok, so  after we moved  Brielle into her  big girl bed (back  in December I think?) she did great!  And then come later January or so she started doing the thing where she'd want us to lay with her until she fell asleep or she'd cry, so we ended up doing that for a couple weeks. Luckily that was short lived, and like I mentioned in a previous post I started doing a little thing where when she'd start to cry I'd say "I'm going to be right back--I have to clean up all the yucky poop and bugs" and she'd laugh and then fall asleep before I ever came back.

Which brings us to now. This child! She started refusing to go to bed at night. Raya has always been awesome about going to bed---happily goes to bed (often asks to go to bed early!). Brielle however is now throwing a fit about it. The first night we tried to ignore her and she ended up turning the lights on in their bedroom and screaming, which then made Raya cry....we tried  to ignore for awhile hoping she'd give in but  after about 20-30 minutes poor Raya had just had it so I got Brielle and sat her downstairs in a chair where lee was watching TV...and she sat there until she fell asleep not bothering anyone.

Fast forward to ever night since, I continued each night to try to lay her down and as I'm tucking  Raya into bed Brielle is over on her bed *threatening* me:

Brielle: I turn on the light!  Look, I turn on the light!   (as she's playing with the switch)
Me: Brielle, lay down.
Brielle: I cry! I make Raya cry!  (oh she's good, real good you guys lol. Basically reminding me of her powers)
Me: Brielle, it's time for bed. Do you want me to sing?
Brielle: No! No sing! (as she's gathering her 1 million pillows and blankets and loveys) I go see Daddy!  ( she's halfway down the hall and heading downstairs).

Raya: Mama, can you just let Brielle sit with Daddy so she  doesn't bother  me? (No one is left on my side! haha. Brielle should be in her bed!)

.....and so each night Brielle sits downstairs (or  sometimes upstairs with me), in the dark, not doing anything fun....until  she falls asleep and we carry her to bed.

Pick your battles, right? ;-)

(I made Lee let me get a picture the last two nights, so I had something for the blog haha. Here he is carrying her to bed!)

Exhibit A

She is one stubborn little  girl!
Exhibit B (a different night)

So does anyone  have any  tips for me? The logical thing to do if they didn't share a room would be just let her cry it  out---I  know she's just being stubborn---she goes to bed just fine for naps when Raya isn't in there to use as a pawn! lol ......But I can't  let her cry it out when  Raya is in there because  then it punishes Raya and makes her get really upset. (They need to keep sharing a room because  Brielle's old room is now a playroom and I'm not switching it back!). Any ideas of something I can do that won't torture Raya?

*******ETA: Ok, people, so tonight I tried the whole time out idea. She started pulling her stunts, I gave her the  choice of timeout or  going to bed, she chose timeout. I had to keep putting her back  in timeout (using my mean mommy voice!) and she periodically would cry that she had decided to go to bed. I'd of course put her to bed  then and she'd scream and turn on the light, making Raya scream, etc.

And sooooooo,  after  15 minutes  of playing that little game I put her to bed, stood outside her door, waited for the sound of her little sneaky hand turning on the light switch, flung open the door immediately like a mad woman and gave her hand a little slap. Yeah, turn me in to DHS lol. She was horrified and then immediately went to bed. Mama-1, Brielle -0  :-P I'll keep ya updated  on how tomorrow night goes!

And lastly just  as an added bonus today, here are the girls showing off some clearance Gymboree  outfits I scored at the end of last year---they wanted  to wear  short sleeves and I was more than happy to oblige by pulling out something new to wear! :-P

Miss Raya and her damn socks lol

Oh, and  lastly, do  you guys  read the blog "Parenting: Illustrated with crappy pictures" ? It's super popular  and she has a book out and stuff. Anyways, she shared the most hilarious post today--my thoughts exactly! hehe read it HERE


  1. Taryn was the SAME WAY! Luckily, I was able to turn the light switch off on their ceiling fan so she couldn't reach it, that took one temptation away.

    Here are my thoughts...she probably feels rewarded by being let downstairs. Maybe put her in a timeout for a few minutes for acting out? (Or whatever the usual "punishment" is.) Eventually, she'll realize there is a consequence to her actions.

    Also... maybe she's not tired enough? Maybe her afternoon nap is running long?? (Although, I know how necessary naptime is for us MOMS, so asking you to wake her up early just sounds silly!)

    Hopefully, it's a phase and it'll just go away on its own! Right?!

    1. Yeah, we should probably do the timeout thing. It is so tempting to let her downstairs because she just sits there in silence not bothering anyone haha...and she'd probably scream and annoy us in timeout ;-)

      She falls asleep usually within 5-10 minutes downstairs so unfortunately I don't think it's because she isn't tired...hmmmm.....

  2. LOL, she's a smartie!!

    I don't know the "proper" way, but I can tell you what I would do. I would let Ms. Raya sleep somewhere "cool" like in a tent in another room or something, and let Brielle know that it is a treat to be allowed out of bed after bed time. That way, she can howl all she wants, Raya gets to sleep, and maybe she will get the message?

    But who knows, that's probably the totally wrong thing to do. Maybe it will send the message that being in bed is a punishment. I don't know. But it's probably what I would do!

    1. That's a good idea, I actually did think of that (since Brielle sleeps fine when Raya isn't in there at nap time!) ...However Raya is a creature of habit and freaks out at the thought haha...she thinks she's being punished by not being allowed in her bed.

      My kids are total weirdos, I am fully aware :-P

    2. And I don't do anything "proper" either I'm sure lol

  3. What a little stinker. Sorry I have no tips for ya.
    That brown dress Raya is wearing is too cute!

  4. Alright, so here is my confession. Emma is 6 years old. And guess what? I have to lay down with her every single gosh darn night in order for her to fall asleep. Even at 6 she can still throw a complete fit. There are some nights when she will fall asleep on her own, but it usually consists of me laying beside her and singing to her or rubbing her back. It can definitely be annoying, but I do know that someday I will miss it. And it could be a lot worse I guess, she could be sleeping in our room every night, and that's not happening! haha So i'll be reading your comments to see what people give you for tips and advice cause gosh knows I could use them as well! Lol =)

    1. Yeah, I know a ton of kids like that! I always was so happy I could brag that Raya went right to sleep without a peep haha...and now this dang Brielle ;-) I wouldn't mind laying with her so much except A) it makes me really tired myself and sometimes I fall asleep! and B) I always have Etsy sewing to do once I lay them down so I get behind if I'm laying in bed staring at the Dora nightlight for 30 minutes hehe. Alas, like you I'm at a loss :-P

  5. Our girls share a room as well, and have from the moment W left the bassinet in our room. I guess I felt bad for R, but I figured it is what it is, and unfortunately R would have to deal with W misbehaving or crying until we got it through W's head that she wasn't getting her way. We did the whole shut the door thing, and then when she started coming out anyway, we turned the knob around and locked the door. That worked and before long the door was back open at nights. We did have to deal with screaming and crying (& kicking) at the door some nights, but we were always there to listen and make sure she was safe. Now, another thing we have had to do is take away something we know she loves sleeping with. So, we would give one warning and then if she didn't stay in bed, we told her her pillow pet or whatever would be taken away.

    So, that is just what we did. Maybe not anything you would ever do, but I know it is sometimes helpful to hear what others do.

    She is a little smarty! ;)

    1. See, that's what I *want* to do...I just feel so bad for Raya when she's begging and pleading for us to take Brielle so she can fall asleep. Now Raya is probably adding some drama to the whole thing because it's not like Brielle is murdering her (which is what she sounds like sometimes haha), but Brielle does get pretty loud and annoying lol.

    2. I have found that R getting upset and yelling at W does actually help, haha! W ends up getting upset that her sister is shouting at her and ends up laying in bed crying. Joe and I are probably not going to get parents of the year, but oh well! Haha!

  6. Fisrt of all before you break miss Brielle of this you should get the whole thing on tape!!!!She is just soooo smart and wants to have all the power!!! Do you think she'll do that for me when she stays Saturday? I guess I better have a plan!!!!
    Love,Grama F

    1. Your plan should be to cage her in the pack and play ;-)

  7. I just know Marcus is going to be just like this!
    Yay for winning the battle though. Way to go mommy!

  8. gosh, this sounds tough... but they could not be any cuter! i love these sleeping photos. :)

  9. Our girls share a room, too, but they're pretty far apart in age. We haven't had any problems yet, but the toddler is still in a crib. Could you try to put her to bed before Raya? Once she falls asleep, you could then put Raya to bed since she goes to bed easily. I hope you find a solution!

  10. Oh man, I don't have any good advice for you, but I just have to say, your girls are hilarious! Ok, so maybe this isn't really "funny" funny, but I can just picture her sitting down there thinking she's so cool :)

  11. We switched recently to a "big girl bed" and she went down awesome the first two nights, then lots of crying the next few. Why? She was not ready for bed, apparently.

    Then the next day she went down great and when she woke up we were playing and she handed me her play phone.

    I pretended I was talking to my mom and went on and on about how she is a big girl with her new bed and how great she went to sleep on it and how I proud I was. I laid it on super thick. So far, she has been a rockstar about going to nap and bed!

    My dd is also a January 2011 baby, that is where I found your blog :)

    Good luck!

  12. oh, I FEEL your pain!! My Myka was almost exactly like that...she still can be sometimes. I like your solution at the end though, about standing outside her door!!
    Myka is now almost four, and has mostly outgrown it, but she still has things that she insists I do before she will stay in bed. She needs a big piece of fluff, a song, her prayers, and for me to say "goodnight Myka, I love you"...then she says it back and I have to repeat it once more.
    If she gets up after that I tell her to go back to bed and if she gets up again she will get a spank. I've never really needed to enforce that though because it seems to work!


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