Monday, March 11, 2013

Stylist Battle! Trendy Tot Tuesday

Happy Tuesday  everyone! This  is my third week linking up for Trendy Tot Tuesday with Megan , Kelly , and Lindsay--such a fun link up! You should join in if  you haven't already :-)

This week it's battle  time! Raya, the budding tot fashion stylist to the stars, against Mama, the experienced fashion stylist to her two mini mes :-)

First up is Raya, picking this gorgeous number for you all! Please note how she chooses a button up sweater (Carters brand) but does *not* layer any shirt underneath! Genius :-) She said that would make her too hot and sweaty--good call Raya, good call. And then notice how she carefully chose leggings (Target brand) to go with said  sweater. Leggings aren't just  for  dresses anymore--she's starting a trend people! I do appreciate how she carefully matched  her leggings to the buttons on her sweater. And then of course you must accessorize! Cowboy boots (Target) are totally  the  logical footwear choice  here....and then a Baby Bop hat (Etsy) to top it all off!

Raya is not at all impressed with any of the other  Trendy  Tots--- she says ya'lls Mamas dress you!

Those are fighting words Miss Raya! ;-)

Wow, just wow. Well, it's going to be  hard competing with that outfit Miss Raya, but I  will  try!

I was feeling Spring-y today and decided to pull out some Gymboree  for Brielle. However I decided to keep it simple, with a sweet ruffle tunic and leggings (sorry Raya, we'll leave  it to the people's vote of course, but I think my use of leggings with a tunic wins out over yours! ;-)  We went without accessories or footwear, because frankly I was feeling like a minimalist after Raya revealed her look  to me!

And now in closing, we will each reveal one fashion tip that  we think can really add to your "style" this  upcoming spring/summer!

Raya's tip is  to always, ALWAYS, wear mismatched socks. She insists upon it. Matching socks are just  not very pretty or fancy she says.

See example A
Clearly  Baby Bop continues  to be a unifying theme in her wardrobe as well!

And now my  own take-away tip for today is to check out the ruffle shorts at Children's Place right now---I posted a few days ago about ours and they are so stinkin' cute! (I think I have  you beat with  this one Raya---mismatched socks don't compare to ruffles :-)

And  finally, what do  stylists wear  *themselves* in their  down time? Well, Miss Raya  likes  to experiment  with  a variety of runway looks, and her unique sense of style is starting to rub off on Brielle too!

I'm  sure this stylist battle  will continue for years  to come!!!! Here's to hoping we forever fight over mismatched socks and Baby Bop, instead of body piercings and blue hair ;-)

....and as for the make-up battle that I"m sure is ahead in future years, well I'm bracing myself for that one. Raya already does her own make-up too and she's a little  heavy handed with the blush haha.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Does *your* child have a  quirky fashion sense?


  1. Oh my gosh, that make picture is the best! Hahaha!

  2. OMG I love this!!! best trendster miss raya! & those ruffle shorts, I die!!

  3. Oh my this post! Your Raya is hilarious. Although, and I think I mentioned this last time, mismatched socks are the way to go :) lol mine never match

  4. Those girls are something else, I told you you have created a style monster with that Raya!!!!!

  5. OMG, I can't wait for Tinley to dress up and put on makeup! Haha, they're so cute! Hey, they're definitely creative, they have that going on! And, I love those shorts, I'll have to check out Children's Place website! Thanks!

  6. cute! I love that flowery top with the ruffle shorts Brielle is wearing!

  7. LOL, the outfit Raya has on! Oh. My!! Too cute though! =)

  8. Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop :) You have a super cute blog, I can't wait to read more.

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