Friday, March 22, 2013


Well,  I have a few things that  I  promised to update  my loyal readers on so today we're going to do just  that! :-)

First, Raya has been seen by the  speech pathologist a couple times now during preschool.  I continue to get updates that she is super cooperative, easy to work with, and a hard worker---go Raya! Apparently the speech pathologist got a speech sample from Raya and determined there  was only 3% nonfluency, which is completely  within the normal range. She's going to get a couple more samples, but Raya continues to look  just  fine so apparently the stuttering is just the type that many kids  her age do and she'll  grow out of. The speech pathologist also has  worked with her on the ending "k" sound in words and she said that Raya can do it fine with modeling, so once again it's a non-issue. Good to know!

Second, I think I've won the bedtime saga with Miss Brielle! After a couple nights of trying different things we finally settled on timeout. A couple times Lee put Brielle  to bed and  she did just fine, but then Daddy got boring too and she started throwing the same fits she did  for me haha. So I explained to Brielle that she had two choices each night---timeout or bed. Each time she started crying/trying to get out  of bed/bothering Raya/ turning on the light/etc. I asked her "timeout or bed?" and she often said  timeout (so she went!) and sometimes she just cried or yelled so I chose timeout for her. She sat in timeout behind our couch with no toys or  loveys. The first night she did this for about 45 minutes---crying, snot nose, etc...and periodically she'd say she wanted to go to bed but then  she'd throw a fit again so  back to timeout she went! Finally she tired herself out and went  to bed. The second night she threw another fit and went to timeout once, but then after about 5 minutes  chose bed and went right to sleep. Then every night s ince then she's gone to bed with Raya without a single peep! Mama-1, Brielle-0 -----bedtime battle has been won :-) Let's hope this continues to work!

Third, today the girls went to the babysitter for the second time so that I could sew. You may remember last time that  I was told Brielle cried for the first couple minutes but then was fine, except for a couple times  later in the morning where she'd fuss for just  a tiny bit. But overall both girls had a good report. Weeeeeeeeeelllll, not so today! Brielle screamed when I left today, but  I assumed she'd stop like she did  last time. Well, I go to pick  them up at 1pm and the babysitter tells me that Brielle SCREAMED nonstop apparently from 8am-10:30am, and then continued to cry most of the time after that until  I picked her up, only stopping to eat lunch pretty much :-o  And Brielle refused to let the sitter change her diaper haha. The funny part was that Brielle was at the door when I came to pick them up and when she saw me she smiled and said "mommy!!" and I said "oh, did you have fun?!" and Brielle said "yes!" .....and that's when the sitter said, "did she just say 'yes'? ...because she screamed the whole time"  lol. So yes, we might be banned from ever going back there again haha.  I asked Brielle (in the car when we left), "why did you cry the whole time?" and she said "I wanted Mommy....they bite me"  haha....I said, "they didn't bite you!" and she just smiled and did her  evil laugh :-P  That  kid is a monster lol.

And now this afternoon we have dance class and then when Lee gets home he's taking the girls to his parent's  house for the weekend---waahoo! I get a weekend to sew and be childless :-) Lee has something he wanted  to do back  home so I figured we'd send the girls along to Grandma hehe. Since my Etsy shop has been doing well I plan to sneak away from my sewing on Saturday to do some spring/summer shopping for *myself* as well! Lee said no buying clothes for the girls--only for me lol. It will be hard, but I'll try!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. Have an awesome kid-free weekend. I need to go shopping for myself too, but I keep waiting, hoping I'll lose a few more pounds! Can't wait to see what you get for yourself!

    Glad to hear all is going well for Raya with speech and Brielle with bedtime. Way to go Mama!

  2. I'm getting ready to go back to school to be a speech pathologist! :)

  3. Poor Brielle, already getting kicked out of things and she's only 2!!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  4. That is great news that what Raya is experiencing with her speech is completely normal.

    Great job on the whole bedtime situation! Now, hopefully the sitter situation will get better. Hang in there on that one; that is the main reason we put W in preschool, because she clung and screamed when we started leaving her at AWANA.


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