Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hope everyone had a great weekend; I know I sure did!

The girls and Lee got back  from Lee's parents' house this afternoon. I guess they had fun and Lee said they were good. Grandma H. sent back Easter bags (aka "baskets") with them and so I let them open them when they got home.

The strangest "cheese" face to date :-P

And now the candy rationing begins! :-)

With the girls gone I  got a lot of Etsy shop sewing done. I also did some shopping for myself yesterday which was nice. I thought since I'm always sharing about the girls' fashion that tonight I'd share a couple of my own fashion picks!

First, here was what  I wore shopping---I am obsessed with puffer vests, especially for things like shopping when I don't want to wear or lug a big coat around in the mall, but it's too cold to go without anything. This vest worked perfectly! (And yes, it's still cold here...we got another couple inches of new snow today :-(
Please note, the giant pile of laundry behind me *is* clean! I just was too lazy to move it from the laundry room ;-)
So while shopping this weekend here are a few things I bought!

First up, the world's most comfortable jeans. For real! I never owned skinny jeans and then this year I wore boots a lot and decided to try them again (in the past skinny jeans have felt really tight and uncomfortable to me). Anyways, I found these "denim flex" skinny jeans at Maurcies awhile  back  and fell in love! They are by far the most comfortable jeans I've ever owned. And even though they are "flex"/ stretchy they don't stretch out and  fall down as the day goes on like similiar styles I've tried. The sizing is a little different---they come in either xs, s, m, l, or if you happen to fall right inbetween sizes (like my mom did) then they probably  won't work for you. But it's worth a shot because if you happen to fit in one of those  sizes well then you will never want another pair  of jeans again :-)  (I'm normally a 29x33 or 10/12 pant and the size L fits me perfectly). So anyways, I bought a 2nd  pair  this weekend so that  I can stop being depressed when my first pair  is dirty :-P
Maurices Denim Flex skinny jean

Then my 2nd favorite jeans are from Vanity. I usually like about 75% of the jeans I try on at Vanity---I love their sizing is waistxlength because I am sure to get the perfect inseam. Some of the jeans their are too "young" for me, with crazy washes/rips/etc, but they always have a few basic pairs. This weekend I found a new style that I love---super comfy.... the Vanity Sasha Flare jeans

Then at Old Navy they had these dresses on sale for only $15...normally I look awful in this thin/clingy material for dresses, but I tried  this dress on and it was surprisingly flattering! I got the black and white stripe version, and it's so comfy  it's like pjs. I plan to wear it around the house this summer because  it is so comfy and easy to wear (warning though, I tried the same dress in a solid color and it wasn't nearly as flattering/forgiving---you could see all your bumps and lumps much easier than the stripe version I'm sticking with the stripes :-)  Old Navy stripe dress

I also found a ton of dressier dresses that I tried on for fun and loved...but didn't  buy because I don't really have an occasion to wear them right now lol. I also found an ADORABLE casual dress---sort of a chambray material, vneck with a brown belt--but  the only size I could find was about two sizes too big  and I couldn't pull it off. It was so tempting though--I'll have to keep an eye out for something similiar!

Have a great week everyone! :-)


  1. Can't wait to see your new dress on you!!!
    Grama F

  2. Glad you had nice you time!! I never know what to do with myself when Emma is away.

  3. I can't wait to go shopping! I'm thinking next weekend! I seriously almost bought that same Old Navy dress. But the kids were being restless so I didn't try it on and just put it back. I might have to back for it! I hope they still have my size. I love comfy dresses like that for summer. I am in desperate need of new jeans too. I usually have such a hard time, but I'm loving those skinny jeans from Maurices and I have a gift card for there. Otherwise the Buckle is usually where I have the best luck, but they are so expensive! I really want to get some colored skinny capris for this spring to wear with flats, but I just don't know if I can pull them off :)

    Ok, you have officially got me so ready to shop! Thanks for sharing all your good finds!

    1. You'll have to share after your shopping trip! You should d efinitely try on those Maurices I said, they are annoying if you happen to fall inbetween sizes since they only come s/m/l sizing but otherwise they are the best! :-)

  4. Easter "baskets," HA! That is awesome.
    And now I obviously need to do some shopping for someone other than my little man. Too bad I haven't seen a Maurices since moving out of Iowa. I miss that store!! :(

  5. I love your finds! I bought that exact old navy dress (just the cap sleeve version) on Saturday. I looooove it, it really is just like pajamas

  6. I have those same pants from Maurices, and I totally agree with you... super comfy!

  7. I can not tell you the last time i went jean shopping for me, I'm well overdue& glad you got do
    Much done!


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