Friday, March 29, 2013

What's in the basket?

Today I thought  I'd share  with  you all what's in our Easter baskets  this year, in case anyone needs last minute ideas :-)

When it comes  to Easter baskets I'm a little  torn because 1) I don't want to give the girls much candy---not because  I'm a health nut (far from it lol) but  because they get REALLY annoying about candy--they spend the next week planning out what they want to eat and when and I  just get tired of the whining haha ....and  2) I don't want  to  substitute toys for candy and have them start to think Easter is like a second Christmas.

So when it comes to our baskets I stick to the "basket only" rule pretty hard core. We do not purchase toys for Easter, etc. unless it's something little that  fits in their basket. They do not get to request anything for Easter like they would at Christmas either---the bunny simply fills a basket with some fun little things and they are grateful :-P Then in addition to the baskets the  Easter Bunny does hide plastic eggs (last year  we put jelly beans in them but the girls didn't  even really  care about what was in the eggs...they just like finding them) this year we will probably just  put a penny in each one or something.

So anyways, here's our baskets! And even though I stick to the basket only rule, they do get baskets pretty jam packed  full, so don't fear---they are not deprived haha.

Brielle has a Dora/Minnie  theme and Raya has a Princess  theme . We get new Easter baskets each  year  (rather than spend money on a fancier one that you use every year) because personally  I think part of the fun in seeing  what type of basket  the bunny brings you :-)

(Please excuse the  ghetto  photos...the only place  I could secretly get this stuff out to take a picture was in the storage room :-P)

In Brielle's basket: 1) Dora coloring  book 2) snack size bags of crackers 3) crazy straw water bottle 4) juice box holder 5)Dora light up wand toy 6) Dora bandaids 7) Princess vitamins 8)Chocolate bunny and two ring pops (the only candy they get) 9)Dora "boo boo" ice pack 10)lip gloss pack 11) Minnie Mouse headbands

In Raya's basket: 1) Chocolate bunny and two ring pops 2) Temporary tattoos 3) Preschool dry-erase activity cards and dry erase markers 4) Crazy straw cup 5) Juice  box holder 6)Princess nightgown 7) Princess vitamins 8) Princess  light up wand 9) lip gloss pack 10) Fairy bandaids 11) Princess boo boo ice pack 12) two headbands 13) snack  pack  crackers (not pictured)

So hopefully the girls like their baskets---I love  this age when they are happy with bandaids and don't  need more expensive items! lol

In other news, I signed Raya up for a little  Eric Carle camp at the children's museum that started today, and is 4 Fridays in a row. She's doing it was Sawyer's cousin while they did the camp this morning Gavin's mom and I hung out with the two little kids, and then after  camp we alll  stayed to play together at the museum and then ate lunch at morning!

Here were the girls  today in their matching little tops from Old Navy---on sale for $4! They looked so "cool" hehe

Hope everyone has a wonderful  Easter weekend!


  1. I didn't do candy for the girls. I didn't little things that would fit in their basket and stuff they can use. Cute. I like the idea of a new basket each year.

  2. I hate giving hudson candy for easter [or any holiday for that matter]...just because he will already get to much from both sets of grandparents im sure! I just did a chocolate bunny. And thats it mean. I like the "what fits in the basket" rule. I, unfortunately didn't follow that rule haha. Easter always meant spring toys for us growing up, so thats what I try to do for hudson. We do like chalk, bubbles, sand toys, books, etc. And this year we got hudson a scooter.

    Those shirts are ADORABLE...seriously your girls are always so cute...but I love these shirts.

  3. I hate candy too... and toys! Both things the kids already get too much of!

    I love the juice box holders... whoever came up with those obviously had kids, haha!

  4. I love that each girl's basket has a theme. I can't wait to see all your Easter pictures and I can't freaking wait to get the kids in those bunny pj's tomorrow night :)

  5. I love your basket rules! I think the Easter bunny will primarily leave books in our basket each year. :) Love the band aids and vitamins. Ha!


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