Monday, April 29, 2013

A Day In The Life

Awhile back when I was asking for post suggestions someone asked for a "day  in the life" type here it is! :-)

I find that it's somewhat hard to do these now that I don't have babies, because every day is so different and often spur of the moment. When I had smaller kids I had a more strict schedule  because we had multiple naps and feedings to plan around. Now it's a pretty loose schedule.

6am: Girls wake me up (They have never been ones to sleep in. I occassionally  get to sleep until 6:30, but most days they are up by 6.)
6-7am: Breakfast (I like a nice  relaxing breakfast, so it lasts a good hour haha. The girls watch cartoons while eating cereal, and I check my email/fb/blog/etc while  also eating cereal. The girls are on a Lucky Charms kick and I'm a Frosted Mini Wheats sort of girl right now. I *never* cook for breakfast. We have cereal or sometimes  instant oatmeal or toast ;-)
7am-7:30am: Girls get dressed/do hair/brush teeth (I usually  try to snap a quick  picture  of them each morning after they are dressed and ready.)
7:30-8am: I shower/get dressed
8:15am: On Tuesday/Thursday preschool days  we leave at this time and Raya has preschool from 8:30-11:00am. On non-preschool days we watch TV (I am not at all against  TV---it's on a lot  here, sometimes my shows and sometimes their shows), play outside, play games, etc. At least one day a week we go into town around 10am and run errands and eat lunch (at McDonalds or some other play with a play area).
11am-noon: Lunch (A rotation of chicken noodle soup, mac n cheese, grilled cheese, PB sandwich, chicken nuggets, etc. We always have  yogurt/fruit/etc. with lunch as well.)
Noon-1pm: Free play
1pm-3pm: Raya does rest time downstairs watching TV. She falls asleep probably 2 days a week, the other days she just watches TV. Brielle naps during this time. I pick up the house during this time, and then watch TV or computer  time.
3pm-3:30pm: Snack and cartoons
3:30-5pm: If the weather is nice we often go to a park at this time. Otherwise we play downstairs or in the playroom.

**In the summer our afternoon is often reversed---we go to the swimming pool or splash pad from 1-3ish and then Brielle either skips nap or does a short nap until around 4pm. Brielle does fine skipping naps on days we are gone.

5-6pm: Play with Daddy (Lee gets home around 5pm so the girls usually hang out with him for awhile and I try to figure out something we can have for supper. I do not enjoy cooking and rarely meal plan, so when he gets home at 5pm I quick come up with something I can throw together ;-) It's nice in the summer because we pretty much just grill every night.
6pm-7pm: More playing with Daddy
7pm: Bath time (We do baths every other night in the winter, daily in the summer)
7:30pm: The girls have been reading Bible stories with Lee and singing Bible songs :-P
7:45-8:30pm: Cartoons (Raya usually  falls asleep during this time. By 8:30 though they are both wanting to go to bed.
8:30pm-9pm: Mama winddown time/relax
9pm-midnight: When my Etsy shop is open I spend this time sewing and watch my DVR'd shows. Lee hangs out in his man room watching baseball,etc.
Midnight: I go to bed! I get 6 hours of sleep at night and it actually doesn't  bother me. Back when I was working outside the home though I went to bed much sooner, usually no later than 10pm. After being with the girls all day I just hate "wasting" my kid free time sleeping lol.


  1. I just did a au in the life post too. My girls who use to wake up around 7:30 are now deciding wake at 6:30.

    1. I'd die over 7:30 wake up---nice!

  2. I have been thinking about doing a post similar to this, but with some photos. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I love Mini Wheats, too! I used to get my kids in bed at 7:30pm, but now with all the extra-curricular going on it is closer to 8:30pm. I love my free Mommy time at night, too! Its what keeps me going! LOL! I usually work on blog posts, read or run! I also spend time with the hubby!

    1. I thought about doing photos but then felt lazy :-P

  3. With you having the TV on most of the time, do you find that your girls tend to just ignore it then or do they want to sit and watch the majority of the time?

    I don't know how you do it on only 6 hours; granted that is what I am getting, actually less right now, but once we are out of this baby stage again, I would love to get back to 8 hours. However, I hear ya on the not wanting to waste the time we have kidless on sleeping, ha!

    1. At least one of them is watching it when it's one of their shows---they don't watch at all if it's not a cartoon. They watch a good couple hours of tv a day, but we like TV in this house so it doesn't bother me lol.

  4. My days sound sooo boring compared to this post! haha =)
    We tend to have the tv on in our house pretty much all the time too. Emma tends to ignore it for the most part unless it's a show that she really likes.
    And I am with you about wasting kid free time with sleeping, lol. After Emma goes to bed, I spend my time catching up on all my dvr'd shows, and reading and blogging =)

    1. Glad I'm not the only one that relishes the kid free time! haha

  5. I literally JUST started one of these posts since it's been awhile. Who knows when I'll actually finish it and post it though :)

    I need Kase to sleep in like Kyla. She sleeps until 8:00 every day. Kase eats a bottle around 5:30 or 6:00 and then will sleep until about 7:30. So I guess it's not THAT bad, but I like to sleep in :) 6:00 is WAY too early!

    I think all our "schedules" will be going out the window this summer, which is fine with me.

  6. Your wake up time sounds a lot like mine!! "Sleeping in" is 6:30. If I had it my way we'd sleep in till 8. No such luck. :)


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