Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Character Apparel--Trendy Tot Tuesday!

Linking  up today again for  Trendy Tot Tuesday! (Link up here  with Kelly, Megan, and Lindsay).

Today  we are  going  to discuss  character apparel---we're  talking Minnie/Ariel/Dora/Doc Mcstuffins/etc....whatever  your kid's obsession(s) is! What are your  opinions  on character apparel?

Personally, it's definitely not my style.....key word being *my* style lol. My girls however, they love it.  My biggest problem with it is that if my girls have some then that's ALL they want to wear.  And all of Mama's cute little outfits I've purchased don't get worn. Alas, it  makes them so happy and I'm also a Mama who loves to spoil. So we compromise.

Today for preschool Raya is wearing  this Minnie dress, from Target (although I bought it used--I think it's from last year).

However  Target is a great place to get "cool" character clothing. Here  are some things at Target right now that help bridge the gap between what  you kid wants, and what you can  actually tolerate :-)
Disney® Minnie Mouse Toddler Girls' Ariel 2-Piece Tankini Quick InformationDisney® Minnie Mouse Toddler Girls' 3-Piece Pajama Set Quick Information
Disney® Infant Toddler Girls' Minnie Mouse Tee - Multicolored Quick InformationNickelodeon® Infant Toddler Girls Dora Jersey Tee - White Quick Information
I  also like these  more  "retro" tees, but it's hard to find them for characters my girls  actually recognize
Disney® Infant Toddler Girls' Dumbo Tee - Blue Quick InformationDisney® Infant Toddler Girls' Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tee - Blue Quick Information
Disney® Infant Toddler Girls' Snow White Tee - Blue Quick Information

And Kohls actually  had a great pj sale recently, with an extra 20% off code, so I picked  up pjs for the girls---lots of  characters! I love  keeping characters  on their  pjs whenever  possible---otherwise the characters would take  over their everyday wardrobes and drive me crazy :-) Here  are some of the pjs I  got them:

Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends Minnie Mouse Pajama Set - GirlsDora the Explorer Swinging Adventure Nightgown - ToddlerDisney Princess Ariel Striped Nightgown - Girls 7-16

Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends Minnie Mouse Tutu Pajama Set - Toddler

As a potty training  update, Brielle  continues to do awesome. A few accidents each day, but today is  only day 4 so overall  really  well. She stayed dry all afternoon and evening yesterday.

When she pooped on the potty for the first time yesterday I had a special  Dora skirt for her reward. Today is the second day straight now that she has refused to take  it off haha. (I  got  it from Etsy and it was CHEAP because it was an "oops" skirt--normally  this sellers skirts are very full  and poofy and this  one is just a basic regular one.  But for $10 it did the trick for Brielle :-) ....etsy  shop  name is  "landofsparkle"

Some other  skirts (normal poofy ones she sells) are cute  with really  "different" character themes...like this ninja turtle  one  lol...or a bunch of super girls!
Tiered Twirl Mix-up Skirt - Ninja Turtles - TuTu Pettiskirt OOAK Girl's sz 6/7 - Ready to ShipSparkle and Twirl - Super Girl Power Wonder Woman - MIX-UP Sparkle Skirt TuTu Pettiskirt OOAK Girl's sz 3-4T Toddler - Ready to ShipMIX-UP Twirl Skirt Pettiskirt OOAK - Spiderman - Girl's sz 4/5 - Ready to Ship
Little Marmaid Sparkle and Twirl Skirt TuTu Pettiskirt OOAK Girl's sz 6X/7/8 - Ready to ShipStar Wars - MIX-UP Twirl Skirt OOAK Girl's sz 5/6 - Ready to ShipPower Puff Girls MIX-UP Twirl Skirt OOAK Girl's sz 5 - Ready to Ship

So  do  you have "rules" in your house about character clothing? Where are your favorite places to shop for it, if you do?

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. I am also not a fan of characters on my kids...whether it is shoes or clothes. But they like it and I allow them to choose some things that have it. Cute girls!!

  2. I'm not really a fan of the character stuff, but I have compromised and the girls have gotten a few. I usually get them from Walmart cause their cheap. Majority of their character shirts are of Spongebob and Minnie

  3. Lucky for me Little Man doesn't have a say in his clothing choices. Yet. :)

  4. I'm not a fan of character stuff, either, but my 6 year old does have a few things! I try to limit characters to pajamas and underwear!!! ;)

  5. Drew is seriously into Mickey right now! So cute!

  6. I love those skirts! We are fans of anything Minnie right now. We have a cute Thumper shirt too. think it's all about what the kiddos like, right?!

  7. I typically don't get them, but Emma fell so in love with Minnie that I got her a few winter outfits. They were her favorite. We are going to Disney in the fall so I have bought her shirts for when we are there. I'm sure they will be preschool shirts because she is always covered in something after preschool!


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