Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cousin Lovin'

Yesterday was Tuesday which means I had my niece and nephew for  the day.  I just had to take a picture of Harper when she woke up from her nap----she had the best bedhead EVER. Seriously, people  in the 80s spent a lot of time (and hairspray) trying to get that sort of volume LOL.

The girls all played nicely together yesterday idea what they were doing, but  it  involved this "boat" and various baby items hehe

And since I  often forget to  take  pics of Sawyer after  we get him from preschool I made sure to take a few today

And lastly, on Monday Raya was so funny....I  let her  pick  her own outfit and she was so proud of how well she "matched" LOL

And here is Brielle, forcing Raya to put Dora bandaids on imaginary wounds

Then Raya had to kiss  the fake wound
Driving in their  "cars"!! They  have great imaginations
Happy Wednesday everyone! Today for lunch the girls have requested that we go to "Old McDonalds had a farm"  ....which is Mc Donalds to us ;-) So  we will eating junk food and playing on the germy playland...whatever makes  them happy, right?! haha


  1. Cute pics! And hey, my girls love McDonalds too! :)

  2. Hahahaha! I love Harper's bedhead... hilarious! That is how mine looks in the morning! :)

    Isn't it crazy what the girls will pick out for their own outfits! My girls are starting to get a *little* better but sometimes I just shake my head.

    Have fun at McDonalds. My girls have always called it Old McDonalds too... funny! And, yeah, the germ infested play land disgusts me too, but I always figure if they are happy and playing, I will take a few minutes break. And, somehow we survived from that when we were growing up, right? :)

  3. Whoa!! Crazy crazy bed head!! I love all the pics!!

  4. I am all about the kids being happy! I got some crap for taking Kyla to Chuck E Cheese awhile ago, but she absolutely loved it. Have fun at Old McDonalds had a farm today. Wish we could come too :)

  5. Holy bed head Batman! BAHA!
    That white on white can only look good a cutie like Raya.

  6. love these sweet memories & "imaginary boo boos" are a reoccuring thing at our house..everything.gets.a.bandaid.

  7. cute pictures. Love Harpers bed head!

  8. That hair. I laughed so hard when I saw it!!! The cuteness of them all is too much!! Raya's outfit is to die for!!!

  9. everybody needs junk food and germy playgrounds now and then ;)

    Love that your kiddos are close with their cousins; mine only have 1 so far, but it's fun to watch them bond!!

  10. Cuteeeee bedhead!!! LOL
    Love Raya's choice of clothing too =)
    Love all the pics =)

  11. Love Harpers bedhead!!!!!!! Those cousins play so nice together!!!!!!Love,
    Grama F


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