Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cuteness Quadrupled

Today  was our last  really warm day before a cold front is supposed  to come through.  We hit like 80 degrees today and later this week they are talking possible snow flurries! :-( So anyways, I"m trying to squeeze in as much photography practice as I can....bare with me. (Hopefully you guys aren't totally sick  of me posting photoshoots haha.)

This morning before  taking Raya to preschool we did a little girl cousin trio photoshoot. I went  for a vintage edit on these first couple.

Considering that a majority of people think Raya looks like Lee and that Harper looks like her mom, I  find it amusing that all three girls look so much like  eachother! :-) My brother and I must have passed on some genes somewhere in there I guess.

Then a non-vintage edit...

Then after preschool we had the man of the group here, so we had to re-do the cousin photoshoot to include him---or I never would have heard the end of it from Grandma Donna I'm sure! ;-)

Another vintage edit---how stinkin' adorable is this? It's already framed and hanging on my wall :-)

And  some of the cousin outtakes...seriously,  I die over Sawyer's pose! LOL. And Miss Brielle did  awesome with the pottry training for 2 weeks, and now the last couple days she has gotten very lazy...she had one outfit change before Sawyer  arrived and then another after we got him (leaving her pantless in these photos :-P)

This perfectly sums up all their personalities in a nutshell pretty much haha

(Harper wanted  Brielle to look  and smile at the camera---Raya was giving her "sassy" pose---and Sawyer? God only knows!)

And then I did a photoshoot for just  Sawyer, because I haven't taken any individual pics of him in a long time, and he was wearing a new outfit today so it worked out :-)

He did this pose all on his  own haha. Very GQ ;-)

This is totally a Sawyer look!

And then we took a picnic  break---these pics aren't edited much---I  got lazy ;-)

Those pigtails kill me with cuteness

Poor squinty Sawyer got stuck sitting in the sun!

Then it was time to play in the sandbox!

Taking shoes  off to get in the sandbox!

Little Miss pee-pants. I finally  put a pull up on her because we ran out of panties! She better  get her act together soon---I know she can  do it since she was accident free for almost 2 weeks. Little shit :-P (She secretly wants to try on as many outfits as possible each day I think hehe)

Royally PO'd because Harper dumped sand on her  head!

Yes, she's quite  evil somtimes ;-)

Hope you guys are able to keep your nice  weather---Iowa is  so lame sometimes---if we get snow this week I'm moving :-P


  1. Adorable pics! Sawyer is quite the little stud ;)

    And the picture of Brielle where Harper had dumped sand on her head....priceless!! lol

    The weather here in Maine is suppose to be beautiful all week long...sorry to rub that in =)

  2. Cute pictures. Sawyer is mr photogenic!

  3. Woah - the girls really do look a lot alike!
    Brielle seems so mad about the sand on the top half of her, and doesn't mind no clothes on the bottom half at all. HAHA!

  4. I love the vintage look you did on the first ones, and I think the girls really do look a lot alike! Glad you guys had a great day! Your weather is so back and forth over there.

  5. Yep I'm gonna move too. I can't believe the weather this year!

  6. Love Sawyer's red hair and purple looks really good on him! My favorite photo of the bunch is the three girls in the first photo. :) You got so many cute shots, though... def. can see all of their little personalities in them!

  7. Ok Raya looks like she is choking everyone!!! I love it. And Sawyer, what a poser, so handsome!!!

  8. OMG!!!!!!!! I want everyone of these pics!!!!!!!I am soooo lucky to have all these adorable grandbabies!!!!!
    Love,Grama F


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