Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daddy gets creative!

This weekend I had  quite a bit of "me" time...ahhhhhh. On Saturday  I went  shopping with my mom and  Grandma all  day (for my Grandma's birthday)....and I got *4* pairs of spring/summer shoes! Shoes have become quite a big deal for me with my arthritis. I cannot buy cutesy and/or cheap shoes. Shoes  have become an investment in being able to walk and function! So it involves lots of trying on and finding the least ugly shoes that are still super comfy. I am really happy with what I found!! I only  had *one* pair of summer shoes  last year  that I could comfortably  wear---it'll be  nice to have a little more variety haha.

In case anyone else has a need for COMFORTABLE shoes, here are my picks!

These Skechers Go Walk were the most comfortable shoes I found--probably  the most comfortable shoes  that I've ever put on my feet! lol. I got them in gray--I'm tempted to buy them in every color :-P  Skechers Go Walk

The second most comfortable  I found were  these Merrell sandals. They  remind me of the one pair of shoes that I could wear last year, only they are a little more "cutesy" because they have an adorable braided rope detail across your foot---they look really cute on :-) Merrell

These were my lucky  bargain find Natural Soul

These last ones are also super comfy---they have  kind of gold sparkle in them that doesn't  show online very well.  Will  look  cute with summer dresses A2

So anyways, I don't have pictures from this weekend of the girls, but I thought I'd share these from a different daddy/daughter day a few weeks ago...I never got around  to posting these yet!

Lee sometimes gets quite creative with the girls, but  the most surprising Daddy activity to date has  been when he told the girls he would sew them "monster" dolls lol. Seriously, I come upstairs and he's sitting at the table with material, tulle, and various other supplies, litterally *sewing* these monsters haha. The end result was quite hilarious!

Raya making necessary monster  adjustments :-P

Brielle  watching Daddy get  started on *her* monster!

Ta da!
Happy with Daddy's  creation!

Another happy customer ;-)


  1. Love the daddy monster dolls! So cute and I bet the girls will appreciate them :)

  2. What a neat idea Lee!!! I love the way the girls hug them, you call anything a doll or baby and they melt!!!!!!!!!! What a good daddy!!!!!
    Love,Grama F

  3. Hi! found you on a linkup! I’m a new follower!

  4. That is the sweetest thing! I'm not sure Scott would have any idea how to thread a needle. :)


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