Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Photoshoot! (And double duty as Trendy Tot Tuesday :-)

We had a wonderful Easter--I hope you all did as well! Unfortunately I accidentally forgot my memory card when we went to our family party on Sunday, so I  was unable to take any pictures---bummer! I did however get a little photoshoot done before we left Sunday morning, so these will have to do :-)  (I'm also going to have this post double as my Trendy Tot Tuesday post for the week, since the girls are looking so cute in their matching Crazy 8 outfits. You can link up yourself with Megan, Lindsay, and  Kelly for Trendy Tot Tuesday as well!)

Ok, so here it is, the Easter outfits! Now I do enjoy a good frilly Easter dress, but they just aren't practical for us. We don't attend church so to just buy a frilly dress and then go play at our family party doesn't make much sense--the girls would rather be comfy! So then I was debating getting them some comfy, yet Easter themed outfits...but last year they wore Easter themed shirts from my Etsy shop and I wasn't in the mood to make a new design this year lol. And I couldn't  find any store bought ones where Raya and Brielle could match.


then I decided to be all practical and make due with something we already had. Well it's sad that they have *nothing* to wear we pulled out these little outfits from Crazy 8 that I had bought awhile back. They looked adorable and matching head-to-toe....success! :-)   (Crazy 8 has this strawberry line on sale currently---if you like it go check it out!)  Shoes are from Target.

She did the silly chipmunk tooth smile lol...goofball

One  of the greatest things  about Gymboree and Crazy 8 is the matching hair accessories!

Apparently the  chipmunk tooth smile is genetic :-P

And then Lee found a religious Easter cartoon online for Raya to watch (He tried to find a church recently that he could start taking the girls too...long story short he wanted a Wednesday night service and "Sunday" school option because he doesn't  want to go on the weekend...he thought he found one online so he went to check it out this Wednesday night and he instead ended up in a 1.5 hour bible study class LOL. He said he felt bad leaving so he stayed, but there were people I guess who kept shouting out Amen! and stuff and he couldn't even hear the preacher haha....the visual had me cracking up. So needless to say he's back on the hunt for a different church and  Raya is  back  to her  religious training on You Tube :-P 

Brielle watched for  a few minutes, but unless Dora has a bible video out it's probably a lost cause for now!

Check out that cheesy pose she busted out!
So while Raya continued watching her video (she was really into it actually!) Miss Brielle went to play Littlest Pet Shop in the playroom. I wish I took more pictures of the girls *just playing* because  they are so cute when they are in their own little worlds playing with their  toys. I love some of these shots I captured of Brielle :-)

I love  this shot!

I was trying to get her to look at me by saying her name...she finally turned around and said "What?!"  haha

She loves putting on this lipstick  from the Easter bunny. And notice the tattoos as well ;-)

And then we attempted some pictures with Mama

We decided the lighting indoors wasn't  working!
So then we went outside...

But  when I handed the camera to Lee  I forgot to change the settings first! The pictures all were blown lol. After some editing I salvaged them as best as I could---we were just solid white before! I sort of like the finished  product, strangely enough

And then take 3---I fixed the camera settings and we went into the backyard. Unfortunately the fact that I was still taking photos with toddlers made the shoot difficulat regardless :-P

Don't I  look strangely tall standing next to a 3 year old? lol

I picked my top up at Target---I thought it was kind of Easter egg-ish :-)

And then I took  a couple of Daddy with his  girls

Excuse his weird  face---it  was cold and I believe  this is his "hurry up and take the damn picture" smile :-)

What did you all  choose for  Easter outfits this year? Are you a frilly/fancy outfit family or a casual outfit  family?

(Also, if you missed  our Easter egg hunt/basket pics post from yesterday check  it out :-)


  1. Cute outfits! And that makes sense about the no frilly dresses thing. growing up I only remember one frilly dress..when I was like 6 and Demanded it. we didn't go to church so we usually just got a new cute spring outfit.

  2. I love their outfits!!! We went super casual this year. Emma got a cute Easter shirt in the mail from some friends, and she wore jeans. And to be honest I probably would have stayed in sweatpants and a t-shirt all day had we not had company over for lunch =) Lol

  3. Love love their outfits, so cute!! & too funny about the video

  4. The girls' outfits were adorable (but I expected nothing less)!
    We dressed up, but Little Man wasn't the biggest fan of his hat and bow tie. :)

  5. glad to hear you had a great Easter! The girls outfits are adorable. I am loving your new blog look!

  6. Those skirts are absolutely adorable! I love the sunglasses, too!

  7. The girls look adorable!!!!!
    Grama F

  8. Your girls are gorgeous! I cannot get enough!! They definitely get their natural beauty from their Mama!! :)

  9. I love those outfits! Agree with the Crazy 8's and Gymboree thing, the accessories are the best part! And, those pics outside turned out great, even though the settings were off! Looks like a fabulous Easter for all! :o)

  10. I LOVE Crazy 8! Adorable clothes and affordable. I think I may also be in love with your Etsy store!

    1. Thanks for checking out my Etsy! :-)

  11. I love the matching skirts and bows! So cute!

  12. Such cute matching outfits! And I love the hairbows.

  13. I love the girls' outfits, and I love your top!

    I had to laugh picturing Lee stuck at the Bible study. I remember when R was one and we were new to IL. We were searching for a new church, and the one we went to first had people dancing in the aisles shouting Amen with their hands up. That is fine for some people, but with us coming from the Catholic faith, we were so not used to anything like this. I remember Joe turning to me and saying, "Let's go!". I told him we can't just walk out; I will feel stupid. He told me if I didn't get up and leave with him, he was just going to leave me there, haha! So, I can relate to Lee feeling bad just leaving. :)

    1. lol...yes, he said he didn't mind most of it but a couple women were extra annoying and ruining it for everybody haha. That, and since he went expecting just a regular service he was caught off guard! It was a non-denominational church so I guess maybe those get a little extra "wild" ;-)

  14. your girls are adorable!! I love the outfits and how they perfectly coordinate. My two were dressed up but that's because their nana just loves to have all the kids match! ha! it's cute though.

  15. The outfits are so cute! I got Emma a similar skort from crazy 8 this past weekend! I laughed out loud about the Dora comment.

  16. Beautiful pictures! I love the one of her putting on lipstick, the composition is gorgeous.

  17. adorable - they are so darn cute :)

    I'm a new poster here!

  18. You make me want two little girls SO bad! I love how they're dressed alike :)

  19. LOVE the matching...they are so cute and those sunglasses are fantastic! You are an awesome photographer. Thanks for linking up!


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