Monday, April 8, 2013

Enjoying our summer weather preview!

Today it hit  70 degrees---our first *real* taste of summer coming. I was in love! We played outside until it was time for baths and bed. Our neighborhood was hoppin'....tons of kids riding bikes, people going for walks (we went for two!).... I even finally met the new neighbor girl (who's husband I met last fall but then the weather got cold and I never walked that way again until today lol)...turns out the little 3 year old neigbor boy sees the speech pathologist that Raya was evaluated by recently haha. His mom joked that him and Raya could have some awesome conversations we're sure ;-)

So anyways, here are some pictures I took tonight as I was enjoying the warm weather ....and my camera was enjoying being back outside!

Yay for being outside!

goofy girl

The girls call my  flavored water "juicy water"

Future track star? lol

Icecream sidewalk chalk!

Raya was getting tired haha

Ok, Raya's done!


  1. Cute pictures. Raya looks good in red

    1. Thanks! I've thought that before too...I always liked her in the red cherry sweater vest we had this winter too.

  2. I thought the same thing, both girls look good in red!!!! Did you find out who belongs to that nice swingset play area????
    Grama F

    1. Yes, it belongs to the house right there---apparently they built it for their grandkids (hint hint Papa! ;-) ....the new couple lives next door though and she said the people who own it told her that her kids could play on it whenever...she was going to ask them if my girls could join them for a playdate on it some time

  3. So cute! And so jealous! We were stuck inside today with a nasty cough for Kyla and an allergic reaction for Kase that we can't figure out where it came from. And now it's back to the 40's this week. Lovely!

    I absolutely love how bright both girls' eye colors are. They are beautiful!

  4. And I thought our weather was nice here today! We reached a whopping 50 degrees today! Haha And I agree with Joeylee, Raya looks really good in red! Im more than ready for warm summer evenings spent outside watching Emma play and grilling out. It cant come soon enough!!!

  5. Yay for nice weather! Great pictures! My favorite is the one of the two girls on the front step.

  6. beautiful outdoor shots - we're loving the nice weather here in Maryland, too!


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