Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Greatest Toy Purchase

Just a quickie today folks!

Perhaps the best toy purchase we've ever made is this sand and water table
This  picture was taken last year
Another  old picture

We don't ever use it for sand (since  we have a big sandbox already) but we do often use it for a water table. But the reason I love  this so much is because you can use  it  outside or inside, and for almost anything! We often use  it for a playdough table as well...
This  was at our Halloween  party last year

You could also easily use it for little matchbox cars (it has one side with a road/ramp) ...the other side  that doesn't  have  the road would be good for painting and other messy crafts ...and then you cacn just wipe/hose off the entire table when done.

What we've been using it for most recently is a rice sensory table! Yesterday Raya and Sawyer were playing with it (as you can kinda  see in the picture) Throw in a couple giant bags of white rice, a bunch of random little toys, and viola!

Thumbs up for the rice table
So if any  of you *don't* already have  one of these I'd definitely consider it a must have! And ours is by Step 2 which has always been a high quality brand for us. Resale on these things is great too.

And to end, here was Miss  Harper yesterday...

Brielle was too busy eating to look  at my camera :-P
Happy Wednesday everyone---we're  halfway there--weekend here  I come! :-)


  1. I would love to get one of these! Joe, Mr. Hates Anything That Takes Space, would probably be against one. I bet it keeps the kids busy for awhile though!

    1. Lee doesn't like things taking up space either---this really isn't too bad. We store the umbrella in our shed and the water table itself is almost always in use somewhere...but if we need it out of the house it can sit outside just fine. We've left it outside 2 summers now and it held up great!

  2. oh another brilliant idea, Shawna!!! My kids LOVE the water table, but I never thought to bring it inside, too.

    1. Thanks, I was hoping I wasn't posting something completely obvious to everyone haha. :-)

  3. Thanks for thw great idea! Love that you can use it inside also!

  4. I've been thinking about getting one of these for the little man. I have a 15% off to BRU and I'm thinking of getting one this weekend... Do you think Marcus would be too young to enjoy/understand the table? We don't have a ton of storage space, and I don't want this just sitting around acting as yet another obstacle we have to move around.

  5. where did you find yours? I am so needed this. yes needing

  6. Love the pics of the girls jumping on the beds, love, love love that last pic of Brielle after she won the fight!!!!!!!!
    Love,Grama F

  7. I need to get one of these tables! I am nervous about the sand! Worth a try!


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