Thursday, April 18, 2013


First things first, I now have a Bloglovin' button up the upper right of my blog. Please don't ask me why  I needed one haha---I just know that everyone has been adding them and talking about  some blog reader thing happening (I  don't use a blog reader so I really  don't understand what  it's all about ;-)....but  anyways, I am under the impression that I need one of these buttons---so there it is!

Secondly, I feel like  I've  been talking  about potty training a ton--but I think some of you may actually care to hear  updates, so here's another  one  haha. We have officially entered the most ANNOYING stage of potty training. Ugh. She's a pro at telling me she needs to go and  actually going.  She had two psuedo accidents the whole day yesterday---once when they were playing at Burger King---she said she had to go potty but t hen I had to spend 5 minutes getting Raya down from the play equipment, getting their shoes on, etc. before we could get to the bathroom. By the time we got there her pull up was wet. Not really her fault though. (Then last night she had a tiny trickle accident---I think she just forgot  and then couldn't  make it to the potty in time).

But other than those two, she was completely dry all day!

Now the annoying party---her bladder is still small. Which means constant potty breaks. She wakes up in the morning now and wakes me up telling me she needs to go. I can't tell her "5 more minutes" like I used to in the morning, I have to get up and help her  go potty! At the grocery store yesterday I had to abandon my cart to run her to the potty. I am visiting public restrooms about 5times as often as normal on outtings lol. Yeah, annoying! That  was my least favorite part of potty training Raya too. But it's got to be done! Hopefully she learns to hold it  for longer periods before long. Right now she can only go 30minutes to an hour max before needing to go.

Hey, at least I haven't had to deal with poop in two days though! So proud of my big girl---she is  so petite and everyone always comments on "my baby" when we are in public, so it's funny to hear  her telling me "I need to go poopy" and actually doing it! Yesterday at Burger King a lady was shocked to here Brielle tattling on Raya---because she ran up to me and started in on saying "Raya pushed me....she's naughty! She pushed  me and bumped my head and  I  cried. I tell Raya  she's a naughty girl!"   haha....and the lady was like "how  old is she?!?!" because she looks the same size as like an 18 month old,  but yet she was talking up a storm and telling me she needed to go potty. Pretty funny :-)

And now for the  title of this post....Heeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllp! :-)  I know  I have a lot of newer readers again---I just love getting to know all  of you! Could  you all help me out and help me brainstorm some non-potty training and non-children's fashion related blog topics? Pretty please!

Either comment with a blog topic you'd like to see me write  about, or ask me a question about myself/my family/my past/my future/my kids/my husband/etc. etc. If you are a newer reader you may have lots  of get-to-know-you questions---please ask! If you are a long time reader I bet you still  have some questions, or can  at least suggest a blog topic  for me. Help a girl out---I will lose my mind if I talk about pee and poop this whole week ;-)

(and I was also nominated for another Liebster Award by the adorable blog Words About Waverly and I'll  be answering her  questions  in an upcoming post  soon as well!)

So get commenting with some questions and suggestions---I've got to go wipe a little butt again, lord help me ;-)


  1. Ugh! I hated that part of potty training! And, now I had a total flash forward of going through that with LB... and having to get the other two girls in the bathroom in time so he can make it to the potty. Fun times ahead! ;)

  2. yes, that is rough part of potty training. I love these sorts of updates, so I'm all about kids' fashion and potty training, haha!

    I guess I'd love to hear more about YOU, Shawna, who you are and more about you before kiddos came into the picture, all that jazz :)

    Oh, and I'm always up for quick recipes ;)

  3. Do a Q&A! Ask readers what they want to know, then compose a post (or 2, or 3) of the answers!!
    Like, how did you and Lee meet??

  4. Since I am a new mom of two girls now, how about you talk about how that adjustment was at first...and any tips or suggestions on how to entertaina 23 month old while caring for a newborn too? And I'm always curious how much other mom's get down and "play" with their kids...or what a typical day entails. Love your blog though!
    Jessie Z


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