Friday, April 5, 2013

Kids say the darndest things--Raya edition

Raya: Mommy, when I'm bigger I don't want to drive a car.
Me: Why?
Raya: Because I won't have anyone to sit by me. I like our cars better. I will just ride in your car instead.
Me: But what if you had a boyfriend who wanted to sit by you in your car?
Raya: A boyfriend? You mean cousin Sawyer? That would be good. I will let him drive my car.

Sounds good to me--she's a teenager who isn't driving and who's "boyfriend" is cousin Sawyer! This teenager stuff should be a breeze ;-)


  1. LOL, this is a riot! I wish it were going to be that easy too! =)

  2. HA! Hang on to this post and be sure show Raya in about 12 years. :)


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