Friday, April 12, 2013

Messy Morning

On Tuesday night I got a little depressed. You see, the weather on Monday  was  GORGEOUS...but ever since then has been rainy, cloudy, and cold! :-( So on Tuesday I  started thinking about how the heck I'd get through Wednesday---yet another day stuck at home. Then I had an idea....Messy Morning!

The concept behind Messy Morning is to set aside one entire morning filled with nothing but  messy activities :-P This is appealing to me because I hate messy activities in general...especially when they are spread out day to day. But the girls LOVE mess. So  this compromise sounded perfect.

Basically I  brainstormed every messy activity we could think of...I put the girls in old clothes and just mentally prepared myself for lots of  mess. But then after messy morning we got it all  cleaned up and it was done! The girls had tons of fun and now I've fullfilled my motherly duty of doing a variety of messy activities and I don't have to do them again for awhile ;-) I think we might make Messy Morning a regular  thing---maybe once every two weeks.

Here is what our Messy Morning looked  like!

First, we decorated a big box. This was the least messy activity, but Mama  was  still drinking her  coffee so  we started out slow lol. The girls loved coloring on boxes and decorating them with stickers, etc. Then they use them as a "boat" .

After box decorating we got in old clothes and did finger painting. I hate finger  painting haha.

Then after  finger  painting we did makeup---good lord, they make such a mess with  makeup, but  it's like their favorite  thing in the world!

Look at all that gooey  lipgloss on her  eyes LOL

This cracks me up...she was covered in makeup and looking a hot mess, but she got  one *tiny* dot of eyeshadow on her upper lip and she was very bothered by the fact that her makeup no longer looked beautiful haha...

I ended up having to help her wipe the dot of eyeshadow off so that it could look gorgeous again ;-)

Finished  product!

After makeup with did rice table..

Then we painted finger nails (no pics, sorry)

Then we had a Dora  Dance  party---not a messy activity, but  they wanted  to anyways

And then they had a "pool party" in the bath...baths in the middle of the day are a very exciting thing for them ;-)

They still talk about Messy Morning even now, a couple days later, so I know they had  fun. And in the future I  have other messy activities to rotate in---like  playdough, bubbles, sandbox, sprinkler, sidewalk chalk, etc.

Do any of  you have  other ideas for  "messy" activities that your kids enjoy?


  1. Great Day! the make up just about made me fall off the couch!

  2. the makeup, hilarious! looks like they had a good time

  3. I need to get a little makeup kit for Kyla. She always watches me and wants my mascara. I should let her go nuts on a box too. So simple, yet I know she'd LOVE it! And why have I not thought to bring her water table in the house? I will be doing that this weekend since it's not going to be nice enough to be outside!

  4. Oh my gosh their make-up is awesome. Please remember to bust this out at their weddings, or at least graduation. Hilarious!
    I'm like you, I can't deal with mess. I'm CONSTANTLY picking up toys, as Marcus is playing with them. The "messiest" thing we've done thus far is the water table (totally went and bought one after your post). :)

  5. This was a great idea! I hate messes too, so it would probably be hard for me, but maybe not if I told myself it was just for one day.

    I had to laugh at the rest of the day's pictures with their makeup still on, haha!

  6. So fun!!! This is the kinda thing they will remember when there older if it becomesa tradition. I love it.


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