Monday, April 29, 2013

Miss Blue(berry) eyes

Remember the time that  Raya told me Brielle had "blueberry eyes" instead of blue  eyes? :-) Well, she certainly does on days like this when she's wearing lots of blue!
These were taken this weekend when I also took Raya's birthday outfit photos (that I already posted earlier). I had Raya  outside  taking pics  and the next thing I know Brielle comes out on the porch pantless, wearing sandals that still had the tags attached LOL. She  wanted a photoshoot too, so we let her take a couple pics hehe.


....and just to prove that the  child *did* have pants at one point....

She insists on carrying around  her Dora pjs....that's  the only  way I can get her  to put real clothes  on :-)


  1. She does have Blueberry eyes! She's so stinkin' cute! And her outfit is perfect. How funny that she carries around her Dora pj's! LOL

  2. Pretty girl with pretty blueberry eyes!!

  3. Your girls have the most gorgeous eyes.

  4. She has beautiful eyes, and the outfit is super cute!

    That is so funny that she wants her pjs with her.

  5. Love my pretty pretty baby!!!! love the no pants look with sandals and tags attached, tooooo funny!!!!!
    Grama F

  6. Those beautiful blues are going to cause some major heartache some day! Too pretty!

  7. I"m in LOVE with her blue outfit! It does make her eyes looks so bright!!!

  8. Blueberry eyes indeed! Just beautiful.


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