Monday, April 15, 2013

Potty training update, and other misc.

Well you guys, today has been an AWESOME day! While playing with Raya in the  playroom (I was in the kitchen) Brielle suddenly came running out to me, said "I have to go poopy", went to the bathroom and actually DID go poopy on the potty!, and then went back to playing like it was all in a day's work lol. I was so excited! On Saturday and Sunday she did pretty good, but both days she pooped her pants. I was happy with the pee progress alone, but hey, if she's going to poop on the potty now then great! Today she's had two accidents all day---and both times were when I got busy and forgot to remind her. So overall she's doing great and I bet  by the end of the week she'll be a total pro :-)

She's a big girl now!

What's that  sound?! It's the final nail being driven into the "never having another baby" coffin LOL...almost diaper free for the first time in nearly 4 years! It'll take a freaking miracle for me to go back ;-)

Brielle continues to wear a pull up for bed  and if we leave the house. She does wake up (almost) dry from naps, which is something Raya didn't do until much later, so maybe she'll be ready to night train before long. That's the least of my concern right now though.

In  other news, the girls  have been flying kites a lot's been windy!

Miss Raya has been picking questionable accessories lately...

And lastly, on last Friday Raya had her ballet pictures taken. She isn't in the real recital, but next week she puts on an in-house end of the year show...they are dancing to the Lion King and she wore a grass skirt and a lion mane for pictures (they just gather up odds and ends for the costumes since we don't actually buy them...she'll do real recitals starting when she's 5 years old). Anyways, I'll share the picture with you once I get it...I'm sure it's quite entertaining! And I can't wait to see her little show next week haha.

Here she was before class the other day---"modeling" her new leotard (heads up, Target has this style of leotard on sale for less than $5! It's supposedly their "winter" style but it looks almost identical to their "spring" version haha. Normally about $20, so even though she already had a leotard I had to get this one too ;-)

Happy Monday everyone! Send me lots of good potty training vibes so that our good luck continues! :-)


  1. That is awesome that she has been doing that well! She seriously looks older in the pictures today; has to be the potty training. ;) Love the gray and yellow on her.

    How do you train your girls for the nighttime potty training?

    1. I don't lol...I just wait until they wake up with a dry pull up for 1 week straight, then declare they are night trained :-P Well, that's what I did f or Raya at least! Took about 1 month for her....she used to wake up SOAKED though. Brielle doesn't pee much at night so I'm assuming she'll wake up dry sooner.

  2. Way to go Brielle! Sounds like she is doing awesome!
    Raya's head band cracks me up! HA!!

  3. Yay brielle. That's awesome!!

  4. Love the pictures! And good job Brielle!!! =) I think you are going to have a pretty fast potty trainer on your hands =) Definately not a bad thing!! =)

  5. Way to go Brielle, my pretty ,pretty baby is now a big girl!
    Grama F


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