Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Raya's debut performance!

Tonight was Raya's big ballet "recital"! I  use  the term recital loosely, as her class  doesn't actually participate in the real recital. They (smartly so) don't bother having these little  ones pay for costumes and sit through 2 hours of a dance recital just to prance around for 1 minute when it's their  turn haha...so instead they just had an in-house performance  for family tonight---danced for a minute or two and then had  a cookie and we were outta there! :-) They provided the costumes and it was all  free.

But Miss Raya had no idea that this wasn't  a huge recital ---she was pumped! She talked all day about how  Grandma Donna and  Papa were coming to watch her dance.

Lee was the  videographer and  missed the beginning of the dance haha...but here  is a video so you can see  for yourself how advanced Raya is! I mean seriously, all these months of practice have definitely paid off---you won't believe her skipping skills!! ;-)

(And in case you have  trouble  spotting her, she's  the shortest girl in the group)

And here was Raya after the performance with her adoring fans!

And then here was Raya's group photo  from picture  day the other week. (They were wearing grass skirts because originally that's  all  they  had...but then they found these little scarfs/skirts for the actual performance.....just go with it, it was free lol)

My favorite is the  little  girl  next to Raya---who was majorly pissed  off about the whole thing and refused to wear her headpeice LOL  (They  are supposed to be "roar-ing")

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  1. Awww! So adorable! Autumn just started ballet/tap this year and they have their recital in June. She's 4 and we all have to buy the same kind of makeup for the recital. She is SO excited for me to do her makeup, should be interesting! Love their grass skirts!

    1. They didn't have the little ones wear any makeup, but I did put a little mascara on Raya and she was thrilled lol

  2. How cute!
    I cant wait to get the girls into dance once we move to TX

  3. That was hilarious! Serious skipping skills, indeed. And that poor kiddo who lost his(?) head piece and totally skipped the entire dance. LOL!
    The in-house dance "recital" is genius idea.

  4. Papa and I loved this!!! Raya was soooo proud of herself, and loved all the attention!!!!! Cutest little lion dancer ever!!!!
    Grama F

  5. That picture of the angry little girl in the dance pictures is priceless! That would totally be one of my girls! Ha!

    And as you know, Lidia is in dance. They have a recital at the beginning of June. Full on recital, costumes, etc! I was worried about the recital at the beginning of the year thinking that the girls would just stand there but their teachers are great and all of the girls have learned so much... dance positions, lots of cute little moves and everything! You should have Raya come to her dance class! Right? I mean, move to Des Moines just for dance class... makes sense right?! hehe :)

    She was the best dancer btw... not even kidding!

    1. I know, she was a standout right?! hehe.

      I am pretty sure that Raya and t he little boy are the two youngest in the class...Raya will jsut repeat this same class next year so maybe she'll get that other leg skipping by then too :-P

      (And yeah, there were some other dance classes around here that are more "real" for this age---but I wasn't overly motivated to have to pay for costumes and sit through real recitals right now haha. They have actually learned positions and stuff in class though. When she's 5 this dance studio starts doing the real ballet and recitals.)

  6. OMG that's really too much cute - YAY Raya!

  7. Love the video! How cute! =) And the picture of all of them, adorable =)


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