Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Step inside my head

Just a bunch of random thoughts tonight:

1) Brielle's love of  footie pjs and the fact  that she is newly  potty trained do not  mesh well. I  unzipped and rezipped her  pjs about 6 times  between bath and bedtime tonight lol

2) Today I had to run an errand in town and remembered that I hadn't  checked out the local consignment store  in months---and I  wanted  to know if I had  any money on credit  there from things of mine that had  sold. Scored some amazing Gymboree sets for Brielle--but  you'll have  to wait for upcoming fashion shows to see those beauties ;-)

3) Brielle has a cold :-( Took  her  to the doctor tonight to have  her ears looked at---her earlier ear infection cleared up fine and they look good as of now---fingers  crossed! I'm nervous since  one of her ear tubes fell out recently.

4) We FINALLY have multiple days in a row of nice weather supposedly coming. The warming trend started today and by this weekend we are supposed to see some 70s---wahoo!

5) After this weekend I will officially be caught up on Etsy orders! I closed my shop a couple weeks ago, but I  still had plenty of orders to complete before my vacation could really begin. My last order is on my schedule to make Sunday---then party time! :-P

6) Can you believe that Lee and I are going on a "blind date"?! Yes, it's true--we are actually going to vacation for a weekend with Amy (Mrs. Mommy ) and her husband and kiddos this summer--so excited! I'm sure we will both blog all the details after  the  fact, so stay tuned for that!!!!! (I added extra exclamation points just for Amy ;-)

7) I got new  curtains in my  living room---BRIGHT blue and green chevron from Target. *I* think  they  are a fun pop of color for summer. Lee thinks  they are a little  wild lol.

8) Tomorrow I'm  making Raya's  Little Mermaid birthday  shirt (to wear to preschool when they celebrate her birthday).

9) Almost positive we have approximately 5,894 cheerios in our carpet right now.

10) I  switched out  the girls' closet so that  it only has spring/summer clothes  (wishful thinking!) I designated a shelf in their closet for "Daddy clothes"....and  labeled  it :-P  Now Daddy will  know exactly where to find clothes  he can dress the girls in when they are on his watch---clothes that I don't  mind being destroyed!

11) I love The Voice. Best TV show ever. Enough said.

12) On Monday  Raya and I baked  a cake....for no reason...and ate it in two days.

13) Brielle's monkey is about to  end up in the trash.  Daily now she loses it and  I  spend a good hour of my life searching high and low while she cries and calls out "Monkey, where  are you?!?!" 

14) Brielle has started insisting that  she  carry her  Dora *pjs* with her when I don't let her  wear them. Tonight for  example I told her she couldn't wear pjs to the doctor's she carried her Dora pjs with her to the doctor---not until the waiting room could I convince her  to let me put them in my purse LOL.

15) Raya drew a picture of me today. She showed it to me and it had CRAZY the biggest curliest wig that stuck  up about 2 feet off the stick figure's head. When I  said "wow, beautiful! You made  me have  wild hair!"  she responded with "well, that's  just what yours looks  like"  .....thanks kid.


  1. Poor Brielle, I hope she feels better soon!!

    Our weekend is suppose to be really nice too! I'm super excited about since Brian and I are both off too =)

    Your "blind date" weekend sounds soooo fun! I have told Brian in the past that I think it would be so fun to meet a couple of people who's blogs I read daily. Including yours! =)

    You MUST take a photo of your living room curtains!!! I am in desperate need of new curtains in our living room. But with new curtains comes a new rug too. I will have both before the end of summer! HA!

    The Voice...Agreed...BEST SHOW EVER! I am LOVING this season!

    And I think you should share the picture that Raya drew of you! =)

    1. Yes, I will share a pic of the curtains and Raya's picture sometime...I was just too lazy to upload them when I wrote this LOL.

      And yes, if you are ever in the Iowa area we must meet up! :-)

  2. Cute post!!!! I think you need to get a job as a professional shopper so you can get good deals for people who actually "need" clothes!!!!!!!!!
    Grama F

    1. Depends on how you define "need"...when you see these two sets I got you will agree she NEEDED them! ;-)

  3. Hehe, the crazy hair comment made me laugh.

    You are such a good wife, preparing a box all labeled for "Daddy". I think that is a brilliant idea. Joe put these longer, baggy sweat pants on R the other day when we went to climb a mountain and when I made the comment that she should have chosen better pants after she almost fell for the 5th time, he told me he was the one who grabbed them. :)

    How fun that you and Amy will be doing a weekend with the family!

    1. Too bad you had to go and move---you could have joined us for our weekend! We'll have to look you guys up the next time we head to Yellowstone ;-)

  4. Love the idea of going on a blind date/vacation with another Mom that blogs! Def. let us know how that goes! Autumn has ONE pair of PJ's she loves and she cries if they aren't clean enough to wear again! I wish I had bought several pairs of them! ;) Can't wait to see your Gymboree fashion show, I lovelovelove Gymbo!

  5. I love The Voice, but every season I watch during the blind auditions and love them, but then get bored after that. Maybe I should tune back in.

    Possible 70's on Sunday, woo hoo!

    Can't wait to see Brielle model her new outfits! And how funny that we both randomly posted about her "blind date". I can't wait to have your girls give Kyla some modeling advice. And by the looks of it, she'll need some potty training advice too. Hopefully your girls won't charge much for all their skills!


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